Cadillac CT6 and My Favorite Murder

One of my Wife’s birthday presents in August was a trip to see Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstack from the  My Favorite Murder podcast live when they were to be in Dallas.   The PodCast live performance was this November weekend, and what better weekend for us to have a 2018 Cadillac CT6 in the driveway for the ride downtown?

The CT6 is the largest Cadillac sedan, with a huge 122.4″ wheelbase — the space between the front and rear axles.  That’s almost a foot longer than the other large Cadillac sedan, the XTS.

I had driven a CT6 Platinum with the 3L TT but had not tried the ‘standard’ CT6 with 2L Turbo or 3.6L V6.   In a way this weekend’s test drive was a delight to find just how much Cadillac one can get for a least expensive CT6, around ~$50K.

The test CT6 had the LGX 3.6L autostop, variable displacement V6 engine for 345 hp.  The all wheel drive (AWD) system requires no attention, but gives you the benefit of four wheel propulsion if the weather or conditions demand.  A lot of our CaddyInfo fans have expressed concerns about start/stop, but I am getting quite used to it.  Start/stop technology is when the car automatically turns the engine off when stopped, then turns it back on when or before you need to proceed.  There is a button on the dash to turn this feature off, but I think the more time we spend with it the more we will trust the Cadillac will handle it and let it do so.

The real treasure of the CT6 design is it is a full size car with the svelte shape of a midsize

For our drive down to the historic Majestic Theater in downtown Dallas, I hooked up a USB cable and my iPhone so we could use the huge 10″ center infotainment display for navigation.  The route was pretty easy, except we knew one of the bridges on the way was under construction and impassable.   Also, once I get downtown in Dallas I find careful planning and route management are the order of the day.

Parking in a local public parking garage was uneventful — we bypassed the ‘compact car’ sections for an open area higher up where the CT6 could have some room.

We arrived early for the Podcast show, and walked over to Dallas Chop House for coffee and dessert in the lounge area.    That worked out very well for enjoying our wait, but we footnoted it for a return trip for a full steak dinner another trip.

The My Favorite Murder Live! 10:30 pm show started late, but was engaging and funny.  Our seats in the theater were front-row after the orchestra pit, and we laughed throughout the two woman show about every but murders, and murders.  My Wife is a big fan of the podcast.  We had VIP tickets and we stayed after the show for my Wife to meet and have a picture taken with the Stars.

Ann (center) with the Podcast stars, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstack

The drive home went very well, with the CT6 happy cruising at the speedlimit and limited traffic due to the very late hour.  Overall I enjoyed the weekend test drive.

My favorite features of the CT6:

  • Wonderful seating and view out the front, huge leg room and space in the rear seats
  • Variable displacement V4/V6 feature — I like the power of the LGX V6 but I would like to explore the ability to go into V4 mode and get much better fuel economy more.
  • Selectable Dash display — although limited to 2 selections in this model.

My nits about the CT6:

  • Cadillac should have gone even more dramatic with the styling
  • I would make a Heads Up Display a standard feature; this model did not have it
  • The 3.6L V6 and 3L TT V6 are only available in AWD, not RWD.

Crest Cadillac in Frisco, Facebook, provided  the car for this test drive.   I am also a Crest Cadillac customer — I bought my ATS-V there, and recommend them to others.

ProClip iPhone Car Mount for the #Cadillac XLR Test Drive @ProClipUSA #cars @iPhone_News

After meeting them on Twitter ( @ProClipUSA ) I recently ordered a ProClip iPhone 6 Plus holder for my Cadillac XLR.

What ProClip USA is doing is nice — they make a custom mount that sort of clips into the geography of your specific car, then make standard holders for various phones or tablets that anchor to their mount.

I was expecting the parts to all snap together so I was a bit surprised that some assembly was required — one main screw and 4 anchor screws.  Not much trouble though and may be a trade off for versus shaky video.  The video is framed because the iphone is vertical.  Keep in mind we are testing the mount and not the camera/phone.

Here is a resulting unedited quick drive test.  The sound is a useless but the video capture looks pretty good.  The mount appears to hold the iPhone 6 plus fairly steady.  I did NOT ask YouTube to steady the video, although that is available post-production.

I am concerned that for out the front of the car the camera should actually be turned side-ways for video.  The mount is really perhaps designed to help you use your phone as a phone while in the car, for phone calls or navigation.  I will see if turning the phone still lets it see out (!)

Updated: Here is a quick car-stopped video of the rear camera with the iPhone rotated sideways:

Proclip Sideways out the front is a bit blocked:

The last two pics in the gallery are stills out the front from the vertical iphone:


or with ‘reverse video’ turned on for the iphone and shooting a still back into the Cadillac XLR from the rear camera on the iphone


and a still with the phone rotated sideways:


Overall the ProClip USA mount appears to work as intended.  Install required a few minutes. I will update the post with more info as it gets more use.



Cadillac XLR LH2 V8 Tune 2 – slightly leaner – 2015-08-29

[Title corrected to read slightly LEANER – 12.5 to 12.8 commanded]

I am in the process of tuning my 2007 Cadillac XLR with HpTuners and Virtual Dyno.   For each test a known tune is loaded, then the car is tested for 2 runs, basically 4000 rpm to redline in 2nd gear in a consistent manner under known conditions.  The results are then analyzed on Virtual Dyno and the calculated hp/torque from the engine PCM for reference.

Today’s tune sets the AFR stoich back to 14.7 (baseline), and moved the PE to 1.148 (12.8 commanded – baseline is 12.5).  The IAT and ECT advance values were restored to OEM.  The net effect is testing 0.3 AFR points leaner than baseline.

XLR Tune 2 4 Comparison SAE unzoom

[click to zoom in, back to return]

This morning we had cool air (79F-82F), and I reset the gas tank to full so known weight.

The red run is tune1, blue is baseline, green and yellow are today’s runs.  What the results show is that today’s tune2 runs were better than tune1 but worse than baseline. The average for today’s runs 226 whp, 231 lbft compared to baseline 230/225.

Virtual Dyno corrects for the temperature variance, by using barometer and intake air temperature.  If I remove that correction and zoom in the chart a bit to emphasize differences, today’s runs and baseline are similar and Tune1 is the outlier.

XLR Tune 2 4 Comparison nonSAE

Then today’s runs are clearly better than baseline at lower RPM and equivalent at higher RPM.

Keep in mind in the Fueling the LH2 adds 0.5 AFT at 6000 RPM for piston protection, so it goes richer at that point by 0.5 commanded.

The Calculate HP absolutely jumped up and down and cheered at today’s tune:

xlr Tune2 CalcHp Torque

The highest numbers I have seen for calc Hp for the XLR LH2.  Perhaps due to the cooler air?  Peaks 318.7 hp at 6642 rpm, 311 lb ft at 4426 rpm.

XLR Tune2 Peak HP

HpTuners output at peak HP

XLR Tune 2 Peak Tq

HpTuners output at Peak Torque

I plan to keep this tune in place and test hot — here in Texas it is easy to get a chance to do that — and use the hot/cold tests on the same tune to decide how to treat the SAE Virtual Dyno Corrections.

If you have any insights or advice or things you wish I would try please reply below!