ProClip iPhone Car Mount for the #Cadillac XLR Test Drive @ProClipUSA #cars @iPhone_News

After meeting them on Twitter ( @ProClipUSA ) I recently ordered a ProClip iPhone 6 Plus holder for my Cadillac XLR.

What ProClip USA is doing is nice — they make a custom mount that sort of clips into the geography of your specific car, then make standard holders for various phones or tablets that anchor to their mount.

I was expecting the parts to all snap together so I was a bit surprised that some assembly was required — one main screw and 4 anchor screws.  Not much trouble though and may be a trade off for versus shaky video.  The video is framed because the iphone is vertical.  Keep in mind we are testing the mount and not the camera/phone.

Here is a resulting unedited quick drive test.  The sound is a useless but the video capture looks pretty good.  The mount appears to hold the iPhone 6 plus fairly steady.  I did NOT ask YouTube to steady the video, although that is available post-production.

I am concerned that for out the front of the car the camera should actually be turned side-ways for video.  The mount is really perhaps designed to help you use your phone as a phone while in the car, for phone calls or navigation.  I will see if turning the phone still lets it see out (!)

Updated: Here is a quick car-stopped video of the rear camera with the iPhone rotated sideways:

Proclip Sideways out the front is a bit blocked:

The last two pics in the gallery are stills out the front from the vertical iphone:


or with ‘reverse video’ turned on for the iphone and shooting a still back into the Cadillac XLR from the rear camera on the iphone


and a still with the phone rotated sideways:


Overall the ProClip USA mount appears to work as intended.  Install required a few minutes. I will update the post with more info as it gets more use.



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