Cadillac XLR LH2 V8 Tuning – Tune 10B MBT

Tune 10B uses MBT values, adjusted for static retard and VVT adders, as the main spark table.  MBT, or minimal timing for best torque, is a table that shows Cadillac’s calculated ideal timing.  Often it cannot be reached without knock.

XLR Tune 10B Comparisons

The results look very good — 327/313 for one run, 323/309 corrected 2nd gear HP/Torque for the other.

XLR Tune 10B VirtualDyno Comparison

The virtual dyno results for the same two runs were similar — 269/256 and 263/252 which divided by 0.8 for automatic losses would be 336/315 and 329/315 Hp/Torque.

XLR Tune 10B-0457

There was some slight KR in one run, although it did not repeat in the other run.

XLR Tune 10B-0747

All in all I am happy with 10B and will keep gathering more data on this tune to see where to go from here.



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