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To highlight, comment on, or share information and opinions on anything regarding Cadillac vehicles.  Cadillac Conversations is a Cadillac enthusiast or fan page about Cadillac automobiles.

Bruce Nunnally


Bruce Nunnally lives north of Dallas, Texas with his Wife and younger son; their older son Will Nunnally passed away in 2004.  He is dearly missed.

Bruce is a Mathematician and works in Defense. Linked-In Profile.

He started the Contemporary Cadillac Messageboard in Feb, 1998 which has evolved into Caddyinfo.com, the Caddyinfo forum, and this Cadillac Blog.  Bruce is a published shareware software author, with releases in France and Japan.  He also worked as a consultant to create custom software solutions as the principle of  Nun’s Meadow Software.  Currently he spends all his available internet time on Caddyinfo and Cadillac topics.


If we have shared interests please feel free to contact me directly or via facebook or twitter, or post a reply to this or any page here on the blog.

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