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Bruce Nunnally


Bruce Nunnally lives north of Dallas, Texas with his Wife and younger son; their older son Will Nunnally passed away in 2004.  He is dearly missed.

Bruce is a Mathematician and works in Defense. Linked-In Profile.

He started the Contemporary Cadillac Messageboard in Feb, 1998 which has evolved into Caddyinfo.com, the Caddyinfo forum, and this Cadillac Blog.  Bruce is a published shareware software author, with releases in France and Japan.  He also worked as a consultant to create custom software solutions as the principle of  Nun’s Meadow Software.  Currently he spends all his available internet time on Caddyinfo and Cadillac topics.


If we have shared interests please feel free to contact me directly or via facebook or twitter, or post a reply to this or any page here on the blog.

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  1. Hi Bruce,
    I like your site
    I don’t know if your interested but we have a full line of Cadillac videos on out site http://zautos.com
    Sort of a free service for retail customers to shop online. We do have a complete Cadillac line but have been making some changes to our video center so if something is missing it will be up soon.

    Thanks Steve

  2. It was fun sharing the GM Main Street in Motion experience with you today. The Volt was truly exciting. It had enough driver space for folks over six feet and comfortable enough in the rear seat. The dash appeared to be very informative and the switch panel had enough switches to control everything. The battery life/gasoline usage “meter” was an interesting twist to the fuel gauge. It is truly the car of the future.

  3. Mr. Bruce I’m Jose from Puerto Rico. I have a 96 sts I love the car. I have coolant coming in to the passenger side floor.if this is a bad heater core, how do I get to it.
    Thanks for your advise.

  4. Hi Jose,

    Sorry to hear you have this issue. The best way to get info on this or other Cadillac repairs is to post it as a question on our Caddyinfo Forum at http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com so that you can get input from all of our Readers. Registration is easy, and free.

  5. I have an 03 Dts Garage kept with 56000 miles on it I love the car but the parts are made cheap, I am now replacing the third strap mwchanism on the power window lift on the left rear door already replaced two front doors. The piece that holds the strap is plastic and now I have to by the whole thing again with the motor which is still good. By the way Caddy is the only game in town and it’s $200 or so just for the part not including labor. A piece of plastic is costing me a lot of money!

  6. hi Frank, sorry to hear your experience with the “strap mechanism” for the power window lift. I am not clear on which part you mean; usually it is a nylon gear that is the ‘weak link’ in the mechanism. There are online discount parts sources for discount OEM GM parts then you could have a mechanic replace for you, but I like the luxury of authorized GM service at my Dealer.

  7. Thank you very much it is well appreciated. I found one from a parts supplier in Trenton, NJ. If I can help anyone while browsing I will. Thanks again. It get’s frustrating when you take care of a vehicle and it comes down to poor quality of parts.

  8. Hi Denny,

    Please post your question in the Caddyinfo forum for the widest consideration and best advice. Here: http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com

    When the speedometer stops working we have to consider causes. Is it getting power? Is it getting a speed signal? Is there a physical issue keeping it from displaying the speed? Does you truck still shift properly? Is the rest of the dash working properly?

    Let’s discuss over in the forum!

  9. shifting seems to be ok and its not a fuse , could it be a missfire of a censer

  10. Have you changed to different size wheels and tires from stock? That can cause the speedo to read incorrectly. This can be solved by putting in the current wheel and tire size into the vehicle computer using tuning software such as hp tuners.

  11. I am currently shopping for a well equipped 1SG 2008 STS. I would like to get a copy of the 2008 vehicle order guide to better understand the option codes by trim option. Do you have one or do you know where I might get one? I tried the forum but have had no responses to date.

  12. Hello Bruce, I was looking for instructions on starting a post/thread but can’t find it. I’m having trouble with my 09 Escalade ESV and was wondering if anyone else had ever encountered my problem. In November the check engine light told me I needed to replace the oxygen censors. In December it came on again and said my Catalytic converter was bad so I had them replaced. In january the light came on again and it was the CATS once again, they told me I must have got a defective set and replaced it for free. Now its february and once again the trouble code is telling me that catalytic converts are bad. Any idea what could cause the catalytic converters go out every (1)thousand miles on average? Now I am being told that the only way to find out is to tear the engine down ($1,500) and then fix whatever they happen to find… FOr the record I have about 114k miles on it now and these are the first real problems I have ever had with it.

  13. Hey Bruce, I would like to share a very positive experience I had due to your forum. I live in Chicago Illinois and own a 1998 Seville, it has low miles and is in really nice condition. Last year i started leaking anti freeze and at the time my mechanic said it was the water pump and replaced it. A couple of days later I had the same problem and my mechanic said this time it was my radiator. When i got the car back and it was still leaking anti freeze I decided to bring it to my local Cadillac dealer where they pressure tested the engine and informed me that my head gaskets were blown. I found out later that the north star engines were notorious for this. The problem with fixing the car was two fold..1) NOBODY wanted to touch this job! 2) most mechanics advised me to just get a new motor (cadillac included) seeing as to replace the heads was going to be more than i paid for the car! This crazy saga went on for months until one day I found your forum and posted my problem and several members suggested I contact Brad Barczy in Indianapolis. Brad was incredible with his knowledge of my problem and related he does upward of 30 jobs a year replacing heads, he told me that if i couldn’t find any one in Chicago to fix it that i could ship it to him and he would do it. Brad gave me a rough estimate over the phone which i thought was incredibly reasonable considering the work that was involved. I also assumed once he had the car knowing i was three hours away and having never met him that the price may go up drastically. I couldn’t believe when Brad was done with the car and stuck with his original bid…..my Cadillac is once again on the road and running great thanks to this forum and my pal from B&B automotive Brad Barczy! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you

  14. Hi Bruce I’m trying to join this forum I don’t know the answer to the question. I just bought a 1939 ss 100 duke from a guy in buffalo ny he told me about your site if you could help me out I’d great full Thanks Brian

  15. Bruce
    Great site I just inherited my Father’s dream car 2005 Deville, I find this site very helpful in understanding Cadillacs. My Dad could not understand my fascination I have with GM sport coupes. My wife loves the car.


  16. Bruce, I’d like to include a pic of my 2007 DTS in my Profile that I have on file in My Docs. Can you email instructions on how I can accomplish this?

  17. Steve, here on the blog you can click on your account in the upper right and edit your profile. My intuition is that is the path to find your profile picture and upload from your pc.

    To be more specific, wordpress uses the profile pics via gravatar http://en.gravatar.com/

    On WordPress.com, we use Gravatar to associate an avatar with a user’s account. If you’ve set up a Gravatar, it will be displayed when you post to the forums or comment on a blog, and it may also appear if your blog is featured on a tag page.

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