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I enjoy Cadillac automobiles, and I enjoy reading books about Cadillacs, Cadillac history, Classic Cadillac cars, anything Cadillac related.

This page is an index to the Cadillac book reviews on Caddyinfo:

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If you have an upcoming Cadillac related book I would love to read it.

I am available to review, or for a fee/page to proofread/edit upcoming Cadillac-related books.

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3 thoughts on “Cadillac Book Reviews

  1. I have a 2000 DHS I’m wandering what type of oil to use I have 165000 miles it is the most beautiful car I’ve ever owned and want to take care of it properly!!!!

  2. Hi, Your Owner’s Manual has the recommended type and weight of oil for the DHS. I believe you will find 5W-30 with a AC Type PF-58 filter. The manual shares “Oils recommended for your vehicle can be identified by looking for the starburst symbol. This symbol indicates that the oil has been certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Do not use any oil which does not carry this starburst symbol.” So basically any gas engine oil that has the API starburst is suitable.

  3. Cadillac XLR by John McCormick is a thoroughly entertaining read describing the XLR’s journey from the Evoq concept car to it’s record-smashing sales when offered in the 2003 Xmas Neiman Marcus catalog as it entered production. This is a must-have book for any XLR owner or Cadillac history buff.

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