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The Cadillac Century by John Heilig, a Quintet Book, 1998, ISBN 0-7858-0917-1

  • 126 pages, Lots of color photos. List price: $18

  • Covers cars from Cadillac pre-history through 1998, including LaSalles

  • My favorite parts: Intro and comments in text by John Grettenberger (former GM at Cadillac) and other 'insiders' show that author had a lot of inside input. Book does not 'gild' the history much, and Grettenberger gives his view of mistakes made at the time

  • Summary: Terrific value; really an interesting read.

80 Years of Cadillac La Salle
Walter M.P. McCall, Motorbooks, International
ISBN 0-87938-676-2

Out of Print

  • 447 pages, All black and white photos (originally printed 1982). List price: $44.95

  • The authoritative guide for Cadillac from 1902-1982. "A photographic record of each and every standard production model and body style produced over the fourscore years the Cadillac Motor Car Division has been in existence."

  • My favorite parts: Photos of Cadillac "Flower cars" -- funeral home cars that are Devilles in the front but have a pickup bed.

  • Summary: A necessary edition for any complete Cadillac library.

Standard Catalog of Cadillac --This is a great guide for Cadillac from 1903-2005

  • My favorite parts: details on year to year changes that seem to have more depth than what you normally hear from the factory. Breakout of engine and transmissions, and options by year. Car advertisements and magazine articles from various years in the front section.

  • Summary: A great find; they continue to reissue it every few years or so.  This is the third edition.

  • StarStarStarStarStar  

  • Cadillac Standard of the World
    , Shirley Haines and Harry Haines, 1993, The Rourke Corporation, ISBN 0-86593-252-2.

    • This is a "light-weight" version of the Cadillac history, with 2-3 pages dedicated to each era.

    • 32 pages, mix of B&W and color photos. List price: unknown

    Cadillac Eldorado Paperback - by James W. Howell, Jeanna Swanson-Howell (Contributor) (November 1994) Motorbooks International; ISBN: 087938879X ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.37 x 10.65 x 8.25
    Buy it today on Amazon!

    • 160 pages, B&W and color photos. List price: $14.98

    • I would describe this as a collection of interviews with the men who designed and built the Eldorado's from 1953-1993.

    • My favorite parts: "Inside info" on development of the cars

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