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1996 STS Custom Exhaust using Borla Mufflers:

Stage 0:  2" dual stock GM mufflers

View from the rear looking at the rear Y-pipe:

Ok, I had hoped to have a couple of different tested configurations here, but all the stainless ones turned out expensive, so I ended up going to a new stainless setup, welded in, done, finito.  The local muffler shop, Pronto Muffler of Plano, did the work for me.

Why not go 2.5" all the way back?  I did not find on the net, nor could the shop source three stainless Y's -- one for the back Y, and one for each twin outlet tip.  They could build from stainless pipe, but the estimated cost was over $700.  Borla is out of production on their cat-back system.

Stage 1: 2.25" dual Borla 14" stainless steel mufflers, offset in/center out $322 with tax installed.

Here is the car with the stock mufflers on the lift:

And here it is with the Borla mufflers on the lift:

And this from behind the car in the drive to show the view there:

How about the performance?

To measure performance, I went out first and tested twice.  Later, I went to the muffler shop and waited for a couple of hours, then with the new mufflers installed I went right to test again twice.

Before: 0-60 mph in 6.72s, then 6.67s average 6.70s.
After: 0-60 mph in 6.58s, then 6.51s average 6.55s.
Average Measured Gain: 0.15s

Peak HP Before: 228, 232 average 230 hp
Peah HP After: 238, 239 average 238 hp, gain of 8 hp at peak.

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