Product Review:

Race Technology AP-22

Quick Facts

What is it?  A Performance Meter.  Measures 0-60 times & quarter mile times.
Who Makes it?  Race Technology in the UK
What's it cost? US$195 for AC-22; US$255 for AP-22.
How is it different from a G-Tech Pro?
  • Measures 0-10 mph, 10-20 mph, 20-30 mph, etc. from a user selected speed to another speed in 10 mph intervals.
  • Shows acceleration time and HP in the same run 
  • AP-22 can download data to the computer and hold multiple runs
  • Lots more features -- continuous readout, battery powered, dual axis meter

Christopher Brown of sent me over a Race Technology AP-22 Performance Meter to try out. CB Racing is a US distributor for Race Technology, a UK company.   The AP-22 is performance meter, designed to measure 0-60 mph times, quarter mile time and speed, etc.  Although more pricey than the market leading G-Tech Pro, the AP-22 is a good product with an excellent mix of features.  Is it ready for your pocket book?  Let's see.

    Description & Details
    How well does it  work?
    Have you compared side by side results from a G-Tech Pro?
    How do Quarter Mile Results Compare between the G-Tech and AP-22?    
    Can you use the AP-22 to tell if a Mod Works?
   What could be improved on the AP-22?
    Why not just get a G-Tech Pro?
    Where can I get one?

    Update: New Spark Plug Installation & Baseline

    Update: 1992 STS Measurements

    Update: 1996 STS AP-22 measurements in continuous data mode

    Update: Airbox with drop-in K&N filter versus cone

    Update: Peak easily measurable Northstar HP

    Update: Baseline after Rebuild

    Update: Baseline March 2002

    Update: Baseline Sept 2002 

    Update: Baseline Oct 2002 New plug wires, IAT 67F 6.55s

    Update: Exhaust Test May 2003

    Update: Air Filter Study 2

2005 CTS initial Test

2005 CTS Volant CAI

Cadillac DTS Performance Sedan re-test after Tuning