Product Review: Race Technology AP-22

Runs done simultaneous with an AP-22 and a G-Tech Pro:

    0-60 mph:  G-Tech Pro 6.75 sec; AP-22 6.97 sec. (Tilt .007)

One of the features of the AP-22 is that you can input a tilt factor, which adjusts to account for vehicle squat during acceleration.  The manual notes the default is 0.007.  You increase the factor if results are too high, or decrease if results are too low.  My test vehicle is a front wheel drive, and so I launch the car in order to minimize wheel spin, which unloads the drive wheels.  Race Technology's manual suggests that you adjust the tilt at a drag strip so that the unit replicates the results from a Track.

For the next set of runs, I attempted to decrease the AP-22 Tilt Setting from the default value of .007 downward to attempt to calibrate the AP-22 to the G-Tech readings:

Run AP-22 Tilt Setting G-Tech Pro AP-22 Delta
08 .006 6.78 sec 7.02 sec 3.5%
09 .003 6.82 sec 6.93 sec 1.6%
10 .001 7.06 sec 7.19 sec 1.4%

The AP-22 also allows modification of the Trigger Value.  This is the value for G-force at which the unit will begin to track the run.  The default value for G-Force is 0.10 G's.  I tried the following settings to measure differences in this value:

Run AP-22 Trigger Setting G-Tech Pro AP-22 Delta
012 0.15 g 6.72 sec 6.86 sec 2.1%
013 0.20 g 6.82 sec 6.92 sec 1.5%

For these runs I used a tilt setting of .005.  For future runs I have set the AP-22 to a tilt setting of .001, and a trigger setting of .20.  

Here is the detailed AP-22 Data output for the two runs above; note that .04 seconds of the .06 sec delta between the two runs is at 40-60 mph, and only .02 sec at 0-10 mph:

Run 12 Trigger 0.15 G's
mph   s     g   ft hp
10.0 0.97 0.53   6  59
20.0 1.88 0.45  26 102
30.0 2.87 0.47  62 162
40.0 3.90 0.39 116 181
50.0 5.28 0.33 207 195
60.0 6.86 0.28 334 204

Peak Power: 61.5mph 7.11s 357ft 208hp
Peak G: 10.8mph 1.04s 7ft 0.54g

Run 13 Trigger 0.20 G's
mph    s    g   ft hp
10.0 0.95 0.53   6  60
20.0 1.88 0.43  27  98
30.0 2.87 0.46  63 160
40.0 3.91 0.39 117 181
50.0 5.32 0.30 210 178
60.0 6.92 0.28 339 204

Peak Power: 62.5mph 7.33s 376ft 208hp
Peak G: 14.7mph 1.35s 13ft 0.53g

Peak power for this engine in Second Gear is around 85 mph, as seen in the 1/4 mile charts; true peak is likely to happen in third gear, at 142 mph but I have not tested that.  Third Gear is 1:1, so is a better measure of power transmission.  One sees the first power peak as the engine hits redline between 40 and 50 mph, then another at redline 85 mph, and so on.  

The amazing thing is perhaps that the two units measure within 2% of the same value in each case, and measure consistently within each unit's results.  In other words, the AP-22 and G-Tech results track together -- on a slower run, they are both slower, on a faster run both faster.  Very encouraging.

The following runs were with a Tilt of 0.001 and a Trigger as shown:

Run AP-22 Trigger Setting G-Tech Pro AP-22 Delta
014 .30 6.90 sec 6.86 sec -0.6%
015 .25 6.84 sec 6.90 sec 0.9%
016 .28 6.89 sec 6.91 sec 0.3%
(different course)
.29 7.00 sec 7.00 sec 0.0%

So, from these results one might surmise that a Trigger value of 0.29 G for the AP-22 will cause it to match the results of my G-Tech.  

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