Product Review: Race Technology AP-22

Quarter mile Runs done simultaneous with an AP-22 and a G-Tech Pro:

Run 11:

Item G-Tech Pro AP-22 Time Delta
60 ft N/A 2.94 sec 29.0 mph  
330 ft N/A 6.98 sec 59.2 mph  
1/8 mile  N/A 10.26 sec 77.2 mph  
0-60 mph  6.88 sec 7.11 sec 3.3%
Quarter mile 15.19 sec 98.3 mph 15.40 sec 96.4 mph 1.4%
Max HP N/A 246 hp 85.4 mph  
Max G Force N/A 0.51 G 18.1 mph  
Rollout N/A Disabled  

Ap-22 reset to default tilt of 0.007.  Default values used for CdA and Rolling resistance.  Rollout on the AP-22 was disabled.

The AP-22 certainly provides more data on a quarter mile run than the G-Tech Pro.  On a Track, the time slip includes all the timing items listed for the AP-22.  These are important, since they allow the driver to evaluate different portions of the run.  The 60 ft time is a good measure of how well the car is launching.  A 60 ft time under 2 seconds is considered good.  The 1/8 mile time and speed are interesting since some areas only have 1/8 mile tracks, so it provides a good common point of comparison.

The AP-22 Quarter mile Timing will also include 0-100 mph time if that speed is exceeded.

Although the G-Tech Pro will measure horsepower, it will not measure it simultaneous with a measured run.  You can either choose to time the quarter mile, or to measure HP.  The AP-22's capability to report both on the same run saves a separate test run.  HP shown is HP at the wheels, with correction in the AP-22 numbers for wind resistance and rolling resistance in order to match more closely to a chassis dyno, where there is no wind resistance and less rolling resistance.  Since transmission losses tend to run from 15-20%, a common translation factor from a chassis dyno result is to divide by 0.80 or 0.85 for an automatic as this car is:  246/0.8 = 307 HP at the crank.  Note that one might expect the true peak HP to be at redline in Third gear, since it is 1:1; however, that would occur at 143 mph.

On a Track, there is some amount of roll-out which is the space, usually 8 to 12 inches, the car can roll before tripping the track timing lights to begin the run.  The AP-22 allows this to be considered as an option; the G-Tech does not.  In the data above, the AP-22 did not use roll-out.  It will be interesting to try enabling rollout on the AP-22 to see if this compensates for the difference in results of the two units.  Note roll-out is not considered for 0-60 mph timings, but is used for the quarter mile timing.

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