Product Review:

Race Technology AP-22

Description & Details

Dimensions: the AP-22 is 4 and 3/4 inches wide by 2 and 1/2 inches deep, by 1 and 1/2 inch tall.   The case is black plastic, with nice orange lettering of the product name and manufacturer.  Three buttons on the front, two blue for up/down, and one red for on/off or select depending on the context.  Very light weight, but appears to be rugged enough for its designed use.  They do come with a 1 year warranty.

Battery powered:  The AP-22 is battery powered, by 2 "AA" type batteries in an internal holder.  To replace the batteries you squeeze the ends of the unit, and pull it apart.  Not too far apart, though, as there are wires running from the internal printed wiring circuit board to the RS-232 port on the back of the unit for downloading data to the PC.  The AP-22 came with 2 "Sky Max Zinc Chloride" AA batteries.  Being battery powered instead of working off of a cigar lighter is great -- no more hanging cords.  Could be one reason why the AP-22 display is not lighted, though.  One nice feature is that the unit will turn itself off after a short period of inactivity in order to save battery power.

Display: LCD (liquid crystal).  Unlighted.  2 rows, approximately 16 characters per row.

Configuration:  The AP-22 configuration items include the vehicle mass (weight), aerodynamics, and rolling resistance.  A nice feature is that once set, the unit remembers these settings.   On the G-Tech the car weight has to be re-entered each time the unit is plugged back in if HP readings are desired.

    Description & Details
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