Product Review:

Race Technology AP-22

Why Not just get a G-Tech Pro?

The G-Tech Pro works fine, and in a proven performer.  But it only gives you a single point of information:  0-60 mph, and/or quarter mile time and speed.  The AP-22 will give you that, but it will also give you points at 10 mph intervals along they way.  If you are using the meter to test modifications or improvements to your vehicle, this additional information is a real boon.  Or, if you want maximum info, you can simply run the AP-22 in continuous record mode, and get extremely detailed info.

In use, the G-Tech Pro requires that you adjust the meter manually until it is exactly flat.  The AP-22 has a dual-axis accelerometer, and is able to auto-adjust within a certain range.

For the quarter mile the AP-22 will also give you 60 ft times, 330 ft and 660 ft times.  In addition, you can select a roll-out, which is the distance at a 1/4 mile track that the car can move before triggering the timer.  These features let you get complete time ticket info, not just the quarter ET and speed.

With the G-Tech Pro, the result is the result.  With the AP-22, you can tune the meter if needed so that it duplicates results from your local 1/8 mile or 1/4 mile track.

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