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DeVilles, Escalades, Cateras
Paul Steinmetz's 2004 CTS-V    
Paul Steinmetz's 2000 STS º Kurt Auzin's 1998 STS º Three of Mikey's Cadillacs º
Todd Tarczynski's 98 STS  and new 2003 STSº Brendon Bailey's 1999 STS º Bradley's 84 & 99 Devilles
Keith's 99 STS º Double H's thoughts 
on Black Cadillacs
& Update º
Ron K's 99 STS
Dino G's 00 SLS º Mike's 98 STS Project (º) Eric T's 98 DeVille
Brian C's 98 STS º Mark's 98 STS º  
Pat M's 1998 STS º Luke's 98 STS º  
Rich W's 99 STS Willy's 99 STS º  
Max's 98 STS Mark B's 99 STS º  
Louis P's 99 STS Flopshot's 99 STS º  
Tom H's 98 STS Jimmy L's 99 STS  


DeVilles, Escalades, Cateras
Raymond Hofman's 96 STS º Vince Formosa's 1997 STS (º) Keith's 97 Catera º
Emery Exum's 96 STS º w/custom wheels, Tires, stripes Joe B's 1996 STS º Patrick's 96 Eldorado º
Michael H's 96 SLS º Alfred's 96 ETC and 93 60S º 20" Wheels on a Deville º
Benny's 96 STS º Kyle's 96 STS w/20" wheels º  
Jason's 97 SLS º Tim B's 96 STS º  
Gilda R's 97 STS º John's Wife's 97 SLS º  
Scott C's 97 ETC º David N's 96 SLS w/video scrns John H. Wife's 96 DeVille
Yoshiaki's 97 STS    


DeVilles, Escalades, Cateras
Boss Hoss 93 STS º Bob D's 93 STS  
Todd Tarczynski's 94 STS º Jim2Swift's 1992 SLS º Luke's 1993 STS & Limousine º
Bob Basnett's 94 STS º Bruce Ragan's 1992 STS º Alfred Koos 1992 DeVille º

Jim Nack's 1994 STS º

Kenny's 92 Seville and 
Stereo setup

Paul's 94 Deville Concours º
Mike's 1993 SLS º John's 1992 Seville º Bill's 94 Fleetwood Brougham (º)
Robert Hand's 93 Seville 4.9L º Beau's White 92 STS with astroroof Double H's 94 Concours º
Dave Logan's 93 SLS º Holly's 1992 Seville º Toby W's 94 Concours º
Mark Pagliarulo's 93 STS º Stefan's 1992 Eldo (º) Cad1's 92 deVille
Steve & Teri's 1993 STS º John Manning's 94 STS º Tom & Karen's 92 Sedan deVille

Shaun Defeariant's 93 STS º

Dave's 92 Eldo º Tylers' 94 Concours
VJ's 95 STS º Gerard's 1995 Eldorado º Todd's 94 Eldorado
Pete's 95 Sport Coupe º Dustin's 94 Eldo Dyno Results º  
Tony D's 92 Eldorado º Bert's 93 STS º  
Darrel R's 94 STS with Video Screensº Roland's 94 STS º  
Russell G's 93 Eldorado º Louis R's 92 STS º  
D J Rogers's 94 STS º with lots of multimedia John F's 93 Seville º  
Marco's 92 STS

Update -- Marco's 92 STS 
with Erebuni Bodykit

David J's 94 Deville Concours  
Ron T's 92 STS Mike D's 94 Eldorado  
David A's 95 STS    


DeVilles, Escalades, Cateras
Dave's 90 Allante º Steve Gushen's 1990 STS º Rick's 90 Fleetwood º
Michael C's 91 Seville Bobby G's 92 Eldorado (º) Dave's 87 Deville
Paul U's 76 Eldo Convertible Bruce E's 91 Eldorado  

Aurora -- The 4.0L Northstar

Taylorstruf  96 Aurora    

Who "qualifies" to be listed here?

Anyone who has a Cadillac or Aurora and wants to be listed. Lurkers from the Board are welcome.

How Can I get my Cadillac or Aurora listed?

1) Look at the pages above.

2) Send an email to Bruce at nunnally@airmail.net that has some information about your car, and a photo or photos attached. Plain text or HTML are fine. If you have a photograph but can't scan it in, email me and let me know and I can give you a postal address to send it to.



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