2014 Cadillac XTS Vsport Platinum Dinner Notes

Comments from my Family when we took the XTS to dinner:

  • “Love the two-tone interior”
  • Rear leg room and roominess similar to the STS-V
  • We are not dressed well enough for this car (lol)
  • Improved integration of the lane change warning
  • “I want this car”
  • One of my neighbors also commented on the XTS, wanting details on the new red Cadillac and excited until I explained it is only here for the weekend.

    2014 Cadillac XTS VSport Platinum Day 2

    Saturday with the XTS was a breeze of course — the Cadillac is perfectly competent with plentiful, smooth power delivery and grace.  Crest Cadillac is my host for the weekend test drive; read about the pickup here.

    Click on any of the photos in the gallery to zoom in, and to flip through the gallery.


    It is hard to photo well, but the tail light actually extends enough behind the rear to clearly form a tail fin reminiscent of the iconic 60s Cadillacs.


    This photo captures the entry to the driver’s seat illumination at night in the Platinum version, which is Cadillac terminology for over-the-top luxury models.


    I think these are the best rear-view mirrors I have seen on recent cars — they are perfectly shaped and sized and provide a huge view ports.  This has been a pet peeve of mine on some recent models who favor small horizontal rectangles for mirrors at the cost of being able to see clearly.   These work very well.


    The Platinum has the full driver assist options, including augmented reality backup camera, front and rear proximity warning systems, automatic headlight dim control, lane change warning, and multiple-color, adjustable, customizable heads-up display.

    What would I change about the XTS?

    • More advertising — Cadillac is doing a poor job of getting more info out about the XTS, and especially the new AWD XTS VSport and Platinum VSport Models.
    • The rear windows have roll-up shades, which makes the car cooler inside.  It also makes the windows a bit difficult to see through at night or in the evening.

    What is my favorite feature?

    • The power plant: Twin-Turbo 3.6L DOHC VVT DI V6 with 410 hp with AWD

    Tomorrow will start with an early breakfast run, then Church.  Stay Tuned for more real world impressions.



    Test Drive Review: 2014 Cadillac XTS-4 VSport Platinum

    Today I picked up a new 2014 Cadillac XTS Vsport from one of our Sponsors, Crest Cadillac of Plano, for the weekend to test.  This model has the new twin-turbo 3.6L V6 with 410 hp, and all wheel drive, so it delivers on the Sport promise.

    Click on any of the Gallery Images to zoom in:

    Darin Partin setup the test drive for me, and Alex Beydoun of Crest Cadillac met me at Reception with the details and keys.  We looked at a custom ATS in the showroom (more on that in a future post) and then I headed out with the XTS.

    My initial impression of the new power plant pulling out of Crest Cadillac was terrific — the XTS literally surged forward to merge smoothly into traffic and away.

    The test XTS is a great selection — XTS Vsport Platinum, Crystal Red Tintcoat, and a compact spare with trunk mat are the only options needed or included.  It rings the till at $71K, but is the real deal — full luxury, all wheel drive, full power, fully customizable Cadillac. Those looking for a bit of economy with their XTS VSport could select the non-Platinum variant, which loses the ultraview sunroof, rear shades, chrome wheels, and driver assist package, but comes in $10K less.

    I am looking forward to getting to know this model further this weekend.