Searching for Cadillacs

I enjoy driving my 2005 Cadillac CTS.  It has the Corsa cat-back exhaust, which gives some additional performance, and has a really sweet sound to it.  With the 3.6L V6 engine it is peppy, and handles well in traffic.

However, I also enjoy window-shopping for ‘new’ Cadillacs — new or old models are welcome for consideration.  I use a number of different pre-set searches to scan for used Cadillacs.

I live near Dallas, Texas, so an obvious search is the Dallas Observer newspaper.  Here is their Cadillac classified ads.

A second quick and easy search is the Dallas city list for Craig’s List; Here is their Cadillac used car ads.  A more general way to search Craig’s List ads is Hank’s Helper, which will let you search any nearby regional Craig’s List by keyword.  Also Search Tempest is an interesting way to search Craig’s list for Cadillacs.

Of course EBay can be a good source of used Cadillacs.  My Ebay search link searches for Cadillacs that also have “V” in their title — so is a search for V-Series Cadillacs, although occasionally some other models creep in.

For Cadillac accessories on Ebay, I try Direct Performance. For Cadillac Escalade Chrome accessories or for Cadillac SRX Chrome accessories, I use a direct link here.  CaddyInfo is an affiliate of the Auto Accessory Super Store, so I know we’ll get a good deal there.

2005 Cadillac STS copyright GM

Back on Cadillac cars, I use two search setups for  This one looks for the Cadillac STS-V, and this one for the Cadillac CTS-V ; both are set to a range of 250 miles from my zip 75023.

Finally, Carmax can be a good source of used Cadillacs, which you can find here.

Once you find the perfect-sounding used Cadillac, it is a good idea to have it completely checked out by a local mechanic or service.  Some Cadillac dealers will do a pre-purchase evaluation for you as well.  I have also seen members of our CaddyInfo Cadillac Forum Community be willing to do a hands-on check of a vehicle near them for someone who was shopping from a distance. Expert CTS-V Review notes notes Joe Weisenfelder at got to take a 2009 CTS-V out on the course at New York’s private Monticello Motor Club and wrote about it here.

CTS-V grill

CTS-V grill

A few notable notes:

  • The CTS-V supercharger sound level is very subdued
  • Reasonable mpg during the test drive
  • Because the hardware can handle the torque, Cadillac uses no artificial torque management like low-gear throttle dialback
  • Overall, you really feel like you’re driving the CTS-V, and that’s not necessarily true of some extremely capable performance cars

The CTS-V continues a pattern of positive reviews.  Cadillac has not formally announced pricing, but the whispered starting price of just under $60K seems to fit well within most people’s model for bang for the buck. 

The press is still in the honeymoon phase with the new CTS-V, so we’ll see how it fares once the head-to-head comparisons are ready.   I have little doubt in the new Cadillac’s abilities, but little faith that it will always be judged on a fair playing field.