Cadillac XLR LH2 V8 Tuning – More Tune 9a

Tonight I had cooler weather so I re-tested Tune 9a for baseline comparison.

XLR Tune 9A2 Comparison Calc HP

The 9A2 runs showed some KR spikes at 4150 rpm and 5000 RPM. This appears to relate to a high IAT advance multiplier at those RPMs, which I will zero out for Tune 9B.

XLR Tune 9a2 to 9a comparison

The Virtual Dyno for 9a2 was equivalent to 9a1, which is good news (same tune, different day).

Tune 9B will also reapply the MAF 2% touch up around 8,000 hz since there are some signs of running lean there.

XLR Tune 9A2-0139 HPTuners

The issue of KR due to multiplied IAT advance at lower temps could be why the XLR has consistently run better at high temps (which is counter-intuitive). In the next tune I will change the multipliers below 6000 RPM/below 104F for IAT advance to 0. The alternative would be to zero out IAT advance adders at cooler temps, but there may be some value in keeping them at higher RPMs.

Because the KR doesn’t go up at higher RPM it may be false knock?

Herman Cain, Kim Kardassian — Taking a Cadillac moment

Two very disparate news items this week, one about Herman Cain as a Presidential candidate dealing with a story from his past, and one about Kim Kardassian and her recently announced premature footnote to her celebutante wedding.  Both these developing stories however strike me as situations which could have benefited (and may still benefit)  from taking a moment to reflect.

That’s what I like about driving a Cadillac, even with the performance V Series model I enjoy as a daily driver.  It gives me some quiet time on the way about my day.  I try not to have the sort of stresses that Mr Cain or Ms Kardassian seek out, but I still find that I need some isolation from the day to day noise and traffic.  Nothing does that better than surrounding yourself with sculpted wood and leather with the surety of precision machinery.

What is a Cadillac moment?  To me a Cadillac moment is that opportunity to listen to cool jazz or the latest pop tune while cruising along to my destination and enjoying the journey.  Taking a Cadillac moment means instead of responding to the latest stress unprepared or off the cuff, taking a moment to reflect on the context and impact of the issue and of your response, and gaining some perspective.

Things that seem an unfair attack on your campaign at first, can get better or worse in terms of perspective depending on your response.  Your response helps to define the issue.

When you meet and date and marry someone, especially if you choose to do so in a very elaborate, public, televised manner, there are probably multiple points which could benefit from a moment of reflection.  Is this someone I want to spend my life with?  Is this someone that I can go through thick and thin with?

Stress is not what happens to you, it is how you respond to what happens to you.   When you do have something(s) come up in your life, take a Cadillac moment and attempt to gain some perspective before you respond.    You will certainly in the long run be glad you did.

Living the Cadillac lifestyle includes keeping a lot of perspective.

Cadillac August 2011 CTS Sales up 39%

Good news — Cadillac sales overall were flat August 2011 compared to August 2010.   Why is that good news?  With the DTS discontinued, flat sales means that CTS and SRX sales have stepped up to hold the line until the XTS, ATS, and ELR arrive.

CTS sales blossomed at 5.8K for the month, a 39% month vs month, or 34% increase when the number of sales days are factored in.  SRX sales continued to show strength at 4.6K for the month.

(Calendar Year-to-Date)

January – August

2011 2010 % Chg Volume %Chg per S/D
2011 2010 %Chg Volume
Selling Days (S/D) 26 25

CTS 5,783 4,155 39.2 33.8
37,237 28,756 29.5
DTS 719 1,896 -62.1 -63.5
10,172 12,117 -16.1
Escalade 1,105 1,076 2.7 -1.3
8,964 9,842 -8.9
Escalade ESV 655 724 -9.5 -13.0
5,057 4,874 3.8
Escalade EXT 174 188 -7.4 -11.0
1,241 1,196 3.8
SRX 4,627 4,325 7.0 2.9
34,960 32,703 6.9
STS 145 324 -55.2 -57.0
2,806 2,728 2.9
XLR 0 1 ***.* ***.*
12 177 -93.2
Cadillac Total 13,208 12,689 4.1 0.1
100,449 92,393 8.7


Cadillac sales are up 9% from last year for the same period.  Cadillac CTS sales are a highlight.

Press Release summary: Cadillac:  Combined sales of the Cadillac CTS sedan, coupe and wagon increased 39 percent compared with August 2010.  Cadillac reduced its fleet sales by 51 percent.