#Cadillac May 2016 Sales – Escalades Rule

Escalade sales rose in May by 15%.  Overall Cadillac sales were down 16%, in large part to transition from the last of the SRXs to the new XT5, so not much of a surprise there.

On a brighter note, Cadillac was snapchatting the grand opening for the new New York Cadillac headquarters with Cadillac House coffee shop tonight.

Cadillac House.1280.1280

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Cadillac Sedan & Coupe sales continue to reflect a market that has turned to Crossovers and SUVs.  Caught in Crossover cross over (from the SRX to the new XT5 model), Cadillac is struggling.   Yes, Escalade sales are up, but they just don’t sell enough of them.  However, the combined Escalade sales of 2,943 led all models, just edging out the new XT5 at 2,719.

  May (Calendar Year-to-Date)
January – May
  2016 2015 %Change Volume   2016 2015 %Change Volume  
ATS 1,630 2,353 -30.7   7,884 10,296 -23.4  
CT6 697 0 ***.*   1,017 0 ***.*  
CTS 1,082 1,792 -39.6   6,390 8,154 -21.6  
ELR 45 116 -61.2   402 531 -24.3  
Escalade 1,856 1,617 14.8   8,685 8,388 3.5  
Escalade ESV 1,087 1,044 4.1   5,372 5,409 -0.7  
Escalade EXT 0 0 ***.*   0 2 ***.*  
SRX 1,774 5,777 -69.3   17,592 24,461 -28.1  
XT5 2,719 0 ***.*   3,023 0 ***.*  
XTS 1,209 1,709 -29.3   8,603 10,143 -15.2  
Cadillac Total* 12,099 14,408 -16.0   58,968 67,384 -12.5

The first month for the CT6 at 697 I am not sure how to rate.  Certainly Cadillac would like to see the CT6 outsell the XTS or CTS (or both combined) and it did not do that.  CT6 and CTS sales together just replaced last year’s CTS sales alone.  On the other hand, the CT6 soundly outsold the BMW 6-Series by 47%.

Competitors:  BMW was down 6%, and Mercedes sales were down 1%, and Lexus was down 10%.

From the Press Release: Cadillac

  • Escalade was up 17 percent.
  • Cadillac dealers delivered 2,717 XT5s.
  • CT6 deliveries were 694.


New Technologies Boost Efficiency for 2016


Renowned for luxury and design, Cadillac has recently added dynamic driving performance to its list of attributes. Now as 2016 model year production begins, Cadillac adds new fuel-saving technologies. Active Fuel Management and Automatic Stop/Start technologies, and widespread use of a new 8-speed transmission, are combining to raise fuel economy ratings and reduce emissions in Cadillac’s portfolio.

Cadillac’s all-new six cylinder engine contains Active Fuel Management, or cylinder deactivation, technology enabling it to seamlessly switch from six-cylinder to four-cylinder operation under certain light-load conditions, while maintaining excellent performance.  The new 3.6-liter engine is part of the 2016 ATS and CTS product lines. Additionally, the Cadillac Escalade luxury SUV’s V8 will shift to four-cylinder operation in many daily driving conditions, as will Cadillac’s all-new high performance CTS-V sedan.

Cadillac’s advanced engine technology will accelerate in the new Twin Turbo-powered CT6 prestige sedan, which will be the world’s only six-cylinder engine to combine turbocharging with cylinder deactivation and Stop/Start technology.

Cadillac’s ATS and CTS also offer a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the most popular choice among buyers. These models also see fuel economy improvements in 2016 via the use of Automatic Start/Stop, or AutoStop, technology. This system reduces emissions and fuel consumption by automatically turning off the engine when the car is stationary, such as at red light.  The engine quickly and automatically resumes as soon as the driver releases the brake.

Previous Start/Stop systems often relied on the car’s battery system. Cadillac employs a voltage stabilization system powered by ultracapacitors to re-start the engine. This alternative power source inside the car enables smoother and quicker re-starts compared to previous systems, while enhancing durability by reducing strain on the existing electrical systems.

Cadillac’s new 8-speed transmission nets another efficiency gain, and like the new V6 engine, just started production in the 2016 ATS and CTS.

“While these new systems increase efficiency, a main focus in engineering at Cadillac is to integrate these systems smoothly with no compromise to the driving experience,” says David Leone, Cadillac executive chief engineer. “Our new 8-speed transmission was developed internally for fast and smooth shifting in every situation with Cylinder Deactivation and Start/Stop are integrated in a more seamless manner than our competitors.”

The result is cleaner and more fuel-efficient Cadillac models. CO2 output has been reduced up to 6 percent on 2016 ATS and CTS models.

New Cadillac to come from Hamtramck

The current Cadillac sedans/coupes come from Lansing Grand River, with the exception of the ELR which is made at Hamtramck (can I buy a vowel?).   This was the main hub for Cadillac before the new plant at LGR, so it is familiar ground for Cadillac lovers.

Still no word on engines in the new car, but good news it is coming sooner rather than later.


Full Release:

DETROIT – Cadillac announced today it will elevate its growing portfolio with a new, top-end, high-technology car. The as-yet unnamed Cadillac will go into production in the fourth quarter of 2015 at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant.

The addition of this new Cadillac is part of a previously announced $384 million investment in the facility on Detroit’s east side. Tools and equipment unique to the Cadillac model were installed recently.

“The objective for this upcoming model is to lift the Cadillac range by entering the elite class of top-level luxury cars,” said Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen. “Currently in development, this new rear wheel drive-oriented sedan uses completely new, custom-designed materials on a unique vehicle architecture.

“In addition to new technology in the car itself, we are instituting innovative manufacturing techniques to assemble it with the precision deserving of a luxury make.”

Positioned above today’s CTS and XTS product lines, the new top-of-the-line Cadillac adds to rather than replaces any model in the portfolio. The model name will be announced soon. It will make its public debut in the first half of next year.

Said Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder: “Michigan takes great pride in being recognized as the automotive capital of the world, GM’s choice to build its Cadillac flagship sedan at Detroit Hamtramck is a testament to the spirit, resolve and talented workers residing in our communities and state, and demonstrates the high quality of what ‘Made in Michigan’ means. And it’s another sign of the amazing comeback underway that’s building a strong foundation and bright future for all Michiganders.”

Four of seven Cadillac models – the ELR at Detroit-Hamtramck and the CTS sedan and ATS sedan and Coupe are built at Lansing Grand River – are assembled in Michigan.

“This is another testament to the power of collective bargaining and what can be achieved when we all work together,” said UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada, who leads the union’s GM Department. “Our members work hard and take great pride in creating quality products that drive the industry forward and make these achievements possible.

Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly opened in 1985 and spans two cities – Detroit and Hamtramck. It is the home of GM electric vehicles, including the Cadillac ELR and is the company’s most complex plant in North America building five models on one production line. GM has invested more than $1 billion in the plant over the last five years.

“This is wonderful news for Michigan. For 110 years, Cadillac has been building beautiful, cutting-edge vehicles right here in Michigan, and today’s announcement just reinforces how exciting the future is for Cadillac, GM, and our state,” said U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow. “I am thankful for (GM CEO) Mary Barra’s commitment to Michigan and American manufacturing.”