Expert CTS-V Review notes notes Joe Weisenfelder at got to take a 2009 CTS-V out on the course at New York’s private Monticello Motor Club and wrote about it here.

CTS-V grill

CTS-V grill

A few notable notes:

  • The CTS-V supercharger sound level is very subdued
  • Reasonable mpg during the test drive
  • Because the hardware can handle the torque, Cadillac uses no artificial torque management like low-gear throttle dialback
  • Overall, you really feel like you’re driving the CTS-V, and that’s not necessarily true of some extremely capable performance cars

The CTS-V continues a pattern of positive reviews.  Cadillac has not formally announced pricing, but the whispered starting price of just under $60K seems to fit well within most people’s model for bang for the buck. 

The press is still in the honeymoon phase with the new CTS-V, so we’ll see how it fares once the head-to-head comparisons are ready.   I have little doubt in the new Cadillac’s abilities, but little faith that it will always be judged on a fair playing field.

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