Celebration of Cadillac’s Dewar Trophy 9/21/2008 at Brooklands

The Classicrallies.com blog notes that

Cadillac fans and owners will congregate on 21 September at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey to celebrate the legendary American brand’s first Dewar Trophy win, which took place at the site a hundred years ago. Over forty UK-based vintage Cadillacs from the brand’s 106-year history will be on display and will be joined by the latest generation of cars on sale in the UK.

That would be Surrey, England at the Brooklands Museum.

Cadillac won the Dewar trophy after an amazing — especially for the time — feat. Back in 1908, three Model K Cadillacs were taken completely apart, and the parts mixed together. Then 3 cars were assembled from the random parts, all resulting in complete cars. In fact, the parts were interchangeable, which meant that Cadillacs were being manufactured to a VERY high standard. This is the origin of the Cadillac slogan “Standard of the World”.

Courtesy wheels.blogs.nytimes.com

Courtesy wheels.blogs.nytimes.com

The Dewar Trophy was a cup donated in the early twentieth century by Sir Thomas R. Dewar, to be awarded each year by the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) of England “to the motor car which should successfully complete the most meritorious performance or test furthering the interests and advancement of the [automobile] industry”. (wikipedia).

In 1908, Cadillac certainly merited this praise.  In my opinion the new supercharged V8 engine in the CTS-V at 556 hp furthers the interest and advancement of the automobile; it certainly piques my interest.

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