Reactions to the Cadillac XTS

Reactions though the day to the Cadillac XTS ranged from somewhat negative: only better that the current DTS but not really good — to very positive: “this is the sexiest concept car I have ever seen!”

The Cadillac XTS Platinum concept is unveiled Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. The XTS Platinum showcases Cadillac's top-of-the-line Platinum series of models, emphasizing luxury and technological features including a plug-in hybrid propulsion system. The XTS Platinum interior continues its tradition of hand cut-and-sewn materials and introduces a strategy of minimization of traditional buttons and switches. Designers blended the display screens into a flowing instrument panel that remains black until the car is turned on and the screens illuminate. X10SN_AS038 (Photo by John F. Martin for Cadillac) (01/12/2010)

Let’s look at some social media comments from the last 12 hours or so:


  • The Cadillac XTS is killer
  • The Cadillac XTS is Hot!
  • Cadillac XTS looks sharp
  • Wow! I think I like this better than the Lacrosse!
  • That’s a damn good looking car
  • New XTS from Cadillac Looks Awesome!!!
  • I thought that was terrific.
  • the Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept is sick!
  • Pretty Pretty new Cadillac! Where’s my rich husband?
  • Sweet!
  • The Cadillac XTS concept is the sexiest premium concept at #NAIAS hands down
  • looks like the USS Enterprise inside
  • XTS is stunning. Can’t say that for everything here today
  • The Cadillac XTS Platinum concept has the best-looking interior I’ve seen this side of Rolls-Royce and Bugatti.
  • Who is responsible for the Cadillac XTS introduction video?? It’s ridiculous, yet left me feeling very excited about this car
  • the most production ready “concept” we’ve ever seen
  • Cadillac XTS you have an interior that makes [my] mouth water. No. Make that drool
  • a real surprise
  • Cadillac XTS very nice in the metal. Taut, elegant, graceful. Quite an achievement for an FWD platform
  • Cadillac XTS looks sharp. Big step for Cadillac
  • It’s certainly worth the wait
  • Looks good. More subtle edge styling
  • very striking car with significant presence
  • If an interior like the one in the concept Cadillac XTS makes production I’ll be super impressed


  • XTS lacks the visual punch the Sixteen concept had. Too much glass in side profile for me.
  • If you are already driving a DTS, you’re probably always going to drive a Cadillac

4 thoughts on “Reactions to the Cadillac XTS

  1. Despite its current position in the automotive world, Cadillac has a brand value very few companies will ever achieve. It may not be the top selling luxury brand, but its history and image has led to Cadillac becoming a powerful force in our culture.

    Cadillac is a manifestation the dreams of many, inspiration for others, a style statement, the list goes on and on…

    The point is Cadillac has risen to a mythical status and despite the hatred and negative opinions, it’s clear people stop and look whenever the brand unveils a new car. Cadillac will never be able to please everyone due to all of our different thoughts and dreams for what defines luxury, but as long as they are able to garner this kind of attention, the brand will have a very bright future.

  2. David —

    Thank you for your comment; very thoughtful. I agree that Cadillac the brand is still very viable in marketing terms. I am excited about the current and upcoming vehicles such as the 2011 CTS Coupe, V-Coupe and the 2013 XTS. “Real car guys know how to sell cars” — so hopefully Cadillac will start moving more metal, enabling them to bring out even more new Cadillacs.


  3. David –

    Me too. It is SO hard to judge how the car actually looks from the pics. I think it looks much better in person — look at the shots that show people next to the XTS to get a better feel.
    If you imagine driving from that interior with an All-wheel drive, hybrid-boosted 350 hp V6 and the weight comes in around 3,900 lbs or 4,000 lbs it will be a quick car and economical. Even with current 2-mode hybrids I would be able to get all the way to work in *just* electric mode on my commute, so no gas used on some days.
    I was disappointed the XTS is not on zeta (RWD), but the more I read about and write about the new AWD system the more excited I am about AWD with a RWD bias as an approach.


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