Reactions to the Cadillac XTS

Reactions though the day to the Cadillac XTS ranged from somewhat negative: only better that the current DTS but not really good — to very positive: “this is the sexiest concept car I have ever seen!”

The Cadillac XTS Platinum concept is unveiled Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. The XTS Platinum showcases Cadillac's top-of-the-line Platinum series of models, emphasizing luxury and technological features including a plug-in hybrid propulsion system. The XTS Platinum interior continues its tradition of hand cut-and-sewn materials and introduces a strategy of minimization of traditional buttons and switches. Designers blended the display screens into a flowing instrument panel that remains black until the car is turned on and the screens illuminate. X10SN_AS038 (Photo by John F. Martin for Cadillac) (01/12/2010)

Let’s look at some social media comments from the last 12 hours or so:


  • The Cadillac XTS is killer
  • The Cadillac XTS is Hot!
  • Cadillac XTS looks sharp
  • Wow! I think I like this better than the Lacrosse!
  • That’s a damn good looking car
  • New XTS from Cadillac Looks Awesome!!!
  • I thought that was terrific.
  • the Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept is sick!
  • Pretty Pretty new Cadillac! Where’s my rich husband?
  • Sweet!
  • The Cadillac XTS concept is the sexiest premium concept at #NAIAS hands down
  • looks like the USS Enterprise inside
  • XTS is stunning. Can’t say that for everything here today
  • The Cadillac XTS Platinum concept has the best-looking interior I’ve seen this side of Rolls-Royce and Bugatti.
  • Who is responsible for the Cadillac XTS introduction video?? It’s ridiculous, yet left me feeling very excited about this car
  • the most production ready “concept” we’ve ever seen
  • Cadillac XTS you have an interior that makes [my] mouth water. No. Make that drool
  • a real surprise
  • Cadillac XTS very nice in the metal. Taut, elegant, graceful. Quite an achievement for an FWD platform
  • Cadillac XTS looks sharp. Big step for Cadillac
  • It’s certainly worth the wait
  • Looks good. More subtle edge styling
  • very striking car with significant presence
  • If an interior like the one in the concept Cadillac XTS makes production I’ll be super impressed


  • XTS lacks the visual punch the Sixteen concept had. Too much glass in side profile for me.
  • If you are already driving a DTS, you’re probably always going to drive a Cadillac