Caddyinfo Twitter Updates for 2010-01-12

  • LOL and yes, and Ecotec upgrades available RT @GMblogs: RT @CheersnGears: I'll take the Regal GS right off the stage! #NAIAS #
  • RT @NYTimesWheels: RT @jalopnik: Chrysler Tries To Kill Us Again, This Time With A Ram Pickup The perils of journalism #
  • RT @BigAls87Z28: Great talking to the guys and gals of @Buick about the regal gs. Great stuff real great stuff. #
  • RT @Tigressreow: @connieburke Told you early on GM & @JaneDevin on the ROAD TO REINVENTION a worthy endeavor… The GM team is awesome! #
  • RT @SmokinVette: 2010 Corvette C6 Brings New meaning to the Word Perfection #
  • Whitacre: Treasury will make money on GM rescue | GM to repay $6.7B by June #
  • RT @GMblogs: RT @autoinsane: #naias #Cadillac #CTSVCoupe yup, this is me being me #
  • @BigAls87Z28 Lacrosse & Regal styling bode well for XTS hopefully RT @BigAls87Z28: Regal interior in reply to BigAls87Z28 #
  • RT @brandcowboy: @jeff_allgood I think Cadillac has been getting it right for a few years, now. One of the greatest brand comebacks ever. #
  • RT @GMTexas: RT @nicolecarriere: Reuss says social media key tool to help address customer issues, change perception #naias #reussrocks #
  • Just can't drive 55 RT @connieburke: #Camaro from writer @janedevin: going 55 it feels like you're in Jello. The Camaro wants to go 80 #
  • Nice: RT @PrecisionRestor: Dan is dropping the fresh engine into the 1961 Cadillac limo. #
  • All Eyes On Detroit… And Lansing: Lansing Grand River outlook good #
  • Commented: the secret to self promotion: radiance and the facts, jack | White Hot Truth: #
  • Commented: Look Beyond Yourself for Success. | Better Closer: #
  • Detroit 2010: Cadillac CTS-V Coupe might just be our best-of-show — Autoblog: Beauty. #
  • Real indy music RT @IAmDABUG : "BIG PIMP" & "DA BLOCK" & "SOUTH TEXAS" #
  • RT @freepautos: Video: Free Press autocritic @mark_phelan shows head-turning vehicles from the Detroit auto show #
  • GM Studies How to Boost Output as Supply of ‘Hot’ Models Drops – BusinessWeek: 31 days of the Cadillac SRX, prefer 60 #

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