Cadillac STS-V First PerformanceBox Test

I have a RaceLogic PerformanceBox which can be used to measure vehicle performance in a variety of tests.  The Performancebox is a GPS based meter and data logger.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to use it all the time, so when I do there is a short period of re-familiarization.  For my first tests, no data got written to the memory card.  After I changed the setup to “yes, please write data” things improved dramatically.

Here was the best run written to the card today:

MPH vs Distance shows challenge getting off the line


Accel results
Speed(mph)     Time(s)
0-60                   05.4

With 1 ft roll-out details:

Speed(mph) Time(s) Dist(f)
0 0.00 0
10 0.71 7.13
20 1.45 23.53
30 2.23 51.94
40 3.09 96.6
50 4.21 170.2
60 5.39 265.8

Roll-out is a determination for ‘when’ the test time begins.  At a drag strip, there is up to 1 foot of roll-out before the timing lights are tripped, hence the term.  In other words, due to surface quality and wheel-spin it took me 0.59 sec to get 1 foot forward, but at the track that time would not have been included in the results and is not included above.

Weather Conditions: 87F; barometric pressure 29.69 in; humidity 64%.  Fuel: Full

Not sparkling time for the Cadillac STS-V, which Cadillac measured at 4.9 sec 0-60 mph with roll-out.  Most magazine tests ran high 4.x to low 5.x sec.  Road & Track measured 4.7 sec 0-60 mph for the STS-V.

I feel the 2008 STS-V is capable of a better time.  Getting the STS-V off the line involves a great threat of wheel-spin to be avoided.  Of course, my test area is not a sticky well prepared launch spot like at the drag-strip, but it does closely model real world circumstances.

On the bright side, this is a new ‘best’ for my personal vehicle measurements; my previous best was 0-60 in 5.95 sec in my modified CTS 3.6L and was measured on the AP-22 meter in more favorable circumstances.


Mod CTS 3.6L
Speed (mph) Time(s) Dist(f) Time(s) Dist(f)
10 0.71 7.13 0.68 4
20 1.45 23.53 1.40 21
30 2.23 51.94 2.33 55
40 3.09 96.6 3.31 105
50 4.21 170.2 4.55 187
60 5.39 265.8 5.95 301

A line by line comparison — albeit of apples and oranges since different days, different gadgets — echoes the same issue — get the STS-V off the line faster and it would have much better times, and at 60 mph is 35 feet ahead of the CTS.

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