T is for Texas STS-V @Cadillac

I have been having to travel a lot lately, so the Wife’s Chihuahua Arnold is not getting to go on as many walks, rides, fun stuff as he would prefer. So when I am home, he is available in case I do anything mildly interesting.

For Father’s Day this year I asked for vanity plates for the new-to-me 2008 Cadillac STS-V.    I picked them up today, and ran out tonight to a) take the dog for a fun Cadillac ride and b) grab a snap.  Arnold decided he NEEDED to be in the picture, so here it is with him in the foreground.

You order them online in Texas, then the Registration office emails when they are in, and updates your registration sticker to reflect the new tags.

Love the new plates.  They look odd enough that they don’t look like real license plates, but they match the Cadillac well and I am happy with the result.

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