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After reading a review that mentioned some business cards done at I decided to pop over and see if I could mix up some new business cards for CaddyInfo that I would prefer.

Working from some photos that I took of my new 2008 Cadillac STS-V I came up with this one:

CaddyInfo business card - Back

CaddyInfo Business Card - Front

I saved the design online and ordered 50 for $22.  This seemed a bit pricey to me at the time.  I have seen and ordered designs that looked good online but then were not good in print so that has left me a bit gun shy on “get more for less” deals.

When the cards arrived in the mail I was really surprised at how great they look.  Each card is thick, with a real presence.  The images came out great, vivid, and the overall effect is perfect.

My impression from using the online gadget was that the images might not flow to the edges of the card, but they do.

I especially love that the images I used are actually of my Cadillac.

Overall I am very pleased and will be ordering these again in the future.

Disclosure: did not contribute or participate in any way in this review, other than selling me the CaddyInfo Business cards.

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