When is a Cadillac a Cadillac? @GM @Cadillac #Motorama

Do you only want a Cadillac manufactured in the USA, or would you be happy with a Cadillac manufactured anywhere?

Cadillac V-16 (left) and Sixteen Concept (right)

That may soon be a very relevant question to many new Cadillac Buyers, with the announcement today that after 2012 Cadillac would start international manufacture in order to “mitigate currency fluctuations and grow international presence”.

Currently most Cadillac models are manufactured at

  • CTS: Lansing, Michigan
  • Escalade: Arlington, Texas
  • SRX: Ramos, Mexico

The DTS recently completed production at Hamtramck, Michigan.
The XLR came from the Corvette plant at Bowling Green, Kentuky.

The very first Cadillac factory was in Detroit, Michigan, and of course Henry Leland named Cadillac after the founder of Detroit, the self-styled Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac.

If you had to pick one MAIN Cadillac plant today, arguably it would be Lansing Grand River.

But is a Cadillac a Cadillac only if it comes from the USA?  No.

The unique qualities that make a Cadillac a Cadillac are the design, the vision, the production technologies, the built-in quality and reliability, targeting high performance while offering luxury features & appointments.

Since 1902 Cadillac has featured automobiles designed with precision by Engineers and manufactured by Craftsmen to an exacting standard.  I am confident that the new Cadillac factories will meet this same ideal.

Posting Internationally and thinking Locally

CaddyInfo is a Cadillac specific website focused on Cadillac automobiles.   Although a lot of my personal writing takes part in Texas, USA, certainly the website, forum, and this blog are not Texas specific, nor are they intended to be.  CaddyInfo is a web portal for the Cadillac Enthusiast anywhere.

That said, we have a nice following among Cadillac fans in a variety of places, but the best of both worlds would be to have a wide international  audience and an active local community of Cadillac fans.

Interestingly, thinking locally tends to drive back toward traditional media choices — newspaper and radio — as well as new media choices like Tweetups.

Cadillac Clubs and automobile clubs and get togethers of course span old and new.

Please comment and let me know if you have found great solutions for developing local impact and reach as well as reaching the www anytime anywhere audience.

Cadillac V-Day in Chengdu, China

On November 21, a Cadillac V-day was held in Chengdu, China.  The Cadillac CTS luxury sports sedan was the highlight of the event.  Previously, the CTS had only been seen in shows, but a hands-on driving experience was offered at the V-day camp. Now perhaps a Cadillac CTS is no longer a distant dream for the participants.

[I don’t read Chinese, and the original article is linked below if you do.  I have attempted using Bing and Google Translators to capture the essence of the article below.  I apologize that I cannot translate it more completely. – bruce]

Original Article (Chinese)

The previously held camps have received a strong reaction throughout the country.  As a result, a gust of strong Cadillac “V” is sweeping the country.  Additional camps are planned in the future.  Cadillac “V”:  unstoppable whirlwind of passion and power!  Originally a Cadillac V Day Circuit to Conquer Day was held in Beijing Golden Port Circuit and it went well, so additional V Days have been scheduled in other venues.

From June to October of this year, events covered 23 cities, with 4000 consumers participating to experience the close-Cadillac-leading power technology in action.

The events bring  “the ultimate five senses” experience in that consumers are invited to drive the cars, and “Look, smell, touch, hear, goods” to gain a sense of linkage and experience the Cadillac brand charismatic and noble demeanor. At the same time, in addition to professional drivers performing difficult stunts, consumers can also receive professional training, guidance, and “live-firing exercise”, experiencing the excellent handling and power Cadillac.

“See” Cadillac’s full-line model the future of personalized designs;
“Smell” Cadillac luxury interiors used by the world’s top Tuscan (Tuscany) by emitting a unique leather Cadillac exclusive fragrance ( Cadillac Aroma);
“Touch” the Cadillac exquisite interiors, or feel the ultimate power of control experience of a dynamic and safe real “driver’s car”;
“Listen” BOSE audio for the Cadillac Personal Surround “personal” 5.1-channel surround audio-visual audio-visual systems, the perfect experience, the best exclusive sound effects.

“Goods” Cadillac-style of opulence and style, enjoyment, and appreciation of the best things in life

Meanwhile, in “Cadillac V Day circuit to conquer Day” experience the CTS on the track.  Enjoy the exclusive experience of respect.

Cadillac V Day Camps are specially designed for consumers, and provide a unique and dynamic experience of modular training courses, using the guidance of professional coaches. Test drives with professional coaches are provided in addition to class-room training, and full and detailed product briefs.  Professional drivers perform stunts with the Cadillacs, and explain to the participants how the stunts are performed. The consumer hands-on experience helps them understand the profound advantage of Cadillac’s products and enjoy Cadillac’s power, science and technology.  The test drive after the end of the coaching session is based upon each consumer’s individual performance assessment scoring.

The Cadillac “stunning style, shocking performance” brand essence brings to consumers distinctive luxury brand culture and experience.   This allows more consumers to intuitively experience Cadillac’s mainstream models.

Along with the whole new generation of Cadillac SRX and the upcoming auto show in Guangzhou the new Cadillac SLS was announced.  The introduction of a powerful Cadillac brand and product strengths will further enhance its Sichuan car market share. Also looking forward to the coming year, there will be more ultimate power Zunjia V Day Camps, to bring consumers more experiences and surprises.

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