Posting Internationally and thinking Locally

CaddyInfo is a Cadillac specific website focused on Cadillac automobiles.   Although a lot of my personal writing takes part in Texas, USA, certainly the website, forum, and this blog are not Texas specific, nor are they intended to be.  CaddyInfo is a web portal for the Cadillac Enthusiast anywhere.

That said, we have a nice following among Cadillac fans in a variety of places, but the best of both worlds would be to have a wide international  audience and an active local community of Cadillac fans.

Interestingly, thinking locally tends to drive back toward traditional media choices — newspaper and radio — as well as new media choices like Tweetups.

Cadillac Clubs and automobile clubs and get togethers of course span old and new.

Please comment and let me know if you have found great solutions for developing local impact and reach as well as reaching the www anytime anywhere audience.