What % Cadillac fan are you? Top 1% of 1%

Chasing the Reader’s interest in the Occupy Wallstreet love-in, the Wall Street Journal has a gadget designed to allow you to enter your personal income and see “what % you are”.  The logic is that Occupy Wallstreet claims to represent the 99% of Americans that are not rich Wall-street Bankers.  The gadget will tell you where you fit in that continuum based on income.  $500K of annual income to get into the top 1%, and $100K of annual income puts you at 81%.

2012 Cadillac CTS Sedan

2012 Cadillac 2012 Sedan

So what % of Cadillac Fan are you?   Total Cadillac fans might include most current and many previous owners.  Cadillac sells 100K plus cars per year, so that would make the Cadillac Fan-i-verse over 1M total?  Cadillac has 490K followers on Facebook, so self-nominated friends or staff.  Total Cadillac staff is under 100 world-wide, excluding Dealership staff, who are not employees of Cadillac.  But let’s say 490K is a reasonable list of Fans just for fun.

So if you are 1 of 490K, then you are only 0.00024% of the total Fans (1/490K).  But AS one of the 490K Fans — assuming you are a fan of Cadillac on Facebook — I am — then are you part of a select group within the total population of the USA, which is roughly 312 Million people at the moment.  More as you read this.   Being in that top 490K out of 312 million would put you in the top 1.5% of Cadillac fans!  So quick, if you have not friended Cadillac on facebook go do so now!

But wait, Bruce — you might say — isn’t facebook World-wide?  So isn’t it 490K out of the total population of the earth, or 7 Billion people, give or take this year.  So that would make you one of 0.007% — or not just in the top 1%, but even in the top 1% of the top 1% of Cadillac fans in the world.  So, assuming you are a Cadillac fan, like me, congratulations.

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Cadillac scorecard: Keys to Luxury Automotive Social Media Use in 2010

Forum Strategies & Communications, a communications and outreach firm in New York has published a new study entitled “Luxury Auto Brands and Their Presence in Social Media”.

New Study by Forum Strategies & Communications and MH Group Communications Examines Social Media Presence of Global Luxury Automobile Brands
Luxury car makers are not maximizing the full potential of social media in their communications efforts, according to a new study announced today by independent New York-based consultancies MH Group Communications and Forum Strategies & Communications.
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The study considers Facebook friends, Twitter followers, YouTube channel subscribers & Flickr group members, with a growth-rate factor applied and ranks the various luxury automotive brands in this order:

1. BMW
2. Porsche
3. Audi
4. Mercedes
5. Cadillac
6. Lexus
7. Acura
8. Infiniti
9. Lincoln

The Study goes on to suggest Social Media goals for 2010.

Here is my scorecard for Cadillac against the “2010 Goals” in the report:

Twitter: I see General Motors and each division within GM participating on Twitter, so Cadillac‘s Twitter efforts should continue and accelerate.  As of this writing they have 747 followers for the “official” Cadillac twitter account, so plenty of room for improvement there.

Facebook:  Cadillac has a presence with 28K fans.  There are 4 Cadillac-related groups, but none of them appear to be actually run by Cadillac.   Cadillac probably needs a ‘friendly takeover’ for the main Cadillac group on Facebook.

Cadillac has a couple of channels on Youtube,  including Cadillac, and  My Cadillac Story , which suggests that more clarity is needed here.

Flickr : I see a lot of Groups that include Cadillacs, but I don’t know an “official” group for Cadillac on Flickr.  Lots of room for improvement here.


Encourage and improve networking of fan and dealer sites to clearly tie back to the Official site and messaging to minimize “clutter” in the various social media.

Establish a Cadillac Flickr presence.

Solicit Dealer network involvement in driving traffic to Cadillac.com and Cadillac on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Add Social media links on Cadillac.com so that fans can receive news and announcements.