What % Cadillac fan are you? Top 1% of 1%

Chasing the Reader’s interest in the Occupy Wallstreet love-in, the Wall Street Journal has a gadget designed to allow you to enter your personal income and see “what % you are”.  The logic is that Occupy Wallstreet claims to represent the 99% of Americans that are not rich Wall-street Bankers.  The gadget will tell you where you fit in that continuum based on income.  $500K of annual income to get into the top 1%, and $100K of annual income puts you at 81%.

2012 Cadillac CTS Sedan

2012 Cadillac 2012 Sedan

So what % of Cadillac Fan are you?   Total Cadillac fans might include most current and many previous owners.  Cadillac sells 100K plus cars per year, so that would make the Cadillac Fan-i-verse over 1M total?  Cadillac has 490K followers on Facebook, so self-nominated friends or staff.  Total Cadillac staff is under 100 world-wide, excluding Dealership staff, who are not employees of Cadillac.  But let’s say 490K is a reasonable list of Fans just for fun.

So if you are 1 of 490K, then you are only 0.00024% of the total Fans (1/490K).  But AS one of the 490K Fans — assuming you are a fan of Cadillac on Facebook — I am — then are you part of a select group within the total population of the USA, which is roughly 312 Million people at the moment.  More as you read this.   Being in that top 490K out of 312 million would put you in the top 1.5% of Cadillac fans!  So quick, if you have not friended Cadillac on facebook go do so now!

But wait, Bruce — you might say — isn’t facebook World-wide?  So isn’t it 490K out of the total population of the earth, or 7 Billion people, give or take this year.  So that would make you one of 0.007% — or not just in the top 1%, but even in the top 1% of the top 1% of Cadillac fans in the world.  So, assuming you are a Cadillac fan, like me, congratulations.

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