Cadillac ATS the Journey – The Transcript

Cadillac has begun a series of video previews for the upcoming Cadillac ATS smaller-than-a-CTS model on youtube.

Interestingly, Cadillac had previously said that the ATS name was not final, but certainly they are using it here to refer to this model (along with everyone else), so perhaps it is becoming more final now.

Here is a transcript from the audio:

Dave Mikels, Energy & Powertrain Integration Engineer:

This is like the Mecca for auto enthusiasts.  It was labelled by Jackie Stewart as ‘The Green Hell’.  Its an experience like no other.

Chris Berube, Lead Development Engineer:

These trips to Germany and the Nurburgring are extremely special to me.  I like the culture’s focus on everything being right and precise.

Mark Reuss, President, GM North America:

If you want to compete with everybody who’s the best in the world, this is where they do it.

Dave Mikels, Energy & Powertrain Integration Engineer:

Making a car that is great on the ‘Ring, you will disappoint no one.  And that is the whole reason we come here.

Chris Berube, Lead Development Engineer:

The Nurburgring itself is special in a number of ways,  It’s not the fact that its famous — in some cases it is infamous — once you enter the track and you start driving it, it requires and demands your full attention.

Our test period here is a 2 week period.  We work through the weekend; we basically maximize our time here. There is certainly a lot of pressure on this program.  We are targeting some competitors who are known to be leaders, and have been for quite some time.  If I had to describe the ATS to someone, I’d really focus on the low mass, agile, fun to drive — yet at the same time, it is a Cadillac, and it will have luxury appointments in it.

We want to come out of here having pushed the boundaries, increased the strength of  the car, and be able to demonstrate that when we get home.

Dave Mikels, Energy & Powertrain Integration Engineer:

Being successful here is what makes our cars successful.

Next on ATS:  Rear toe?

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