Donald Trump, Cadillac fan

Donald Trump, Cadillac fan via Twitter:

I always enjoy seeing the secret co-star of Donald Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice — the chauffeur driven Cadillac STS.  It  pulls up each week of the show to take the week’s loser(s) away in style.

I wonder if next season we will see the Cadillac XTS in this role?

Donald Trump, Cadillac Fan - Cadillac XTS

Will we see this great rear seating each week on next Celebrity Apprentice?

More to the point, it would be great to have a new Cadillac model as a marketing project for The Celebrity Apprentice teams.  Cadillac has a terrific legacy and history but plenty of marketing challenges in reaching buyers.  Getting this sort of outside input can often drive internal innovation and thinking.

A full line analysis and marketing plan would be very ambitious, but could be fruitful as well.  I have the occasional impression that with the range of Cadillac models it is difficult to market everything at once.  We see TV or press for the Cadillac CTS, but not the Escalade line lately.  We never saw much XLR press while that model was being made, which may help explain why it is not made any more.  Finding a way to keep the entire Cadillac line in focus — from CTS, now XTS, SRX, and all three Escalade variants — would help Cadillac tremendously.

Then Donald Trump, Cadillac Fan, will have even more good news to comment on.



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