Cadillac XTS arrives in North Texas

The Cadillac XTS’s are on the showroom and in the lot at Crest Cadillac in Plano, Texas.  Darin Partin was nice enough to email me that they had arrived, and Crest Cadillac Sales Manager Danny Gomez was on hand to point them out.  Thanks Guys!

Here is a gallery of shots of two of the Cadillac XTS models at Crest today:

Please click on any of the images in the gallery to see it full size.

The Cadillac XTS is a brand new Cadillac, just out this week.  It is an excellent mix of proven components.  The Cadillac XTS brings the new Cadillac User Experience, or CUE interior with haptic feedback.  That means that not only does the center console react as easily as using a tablet touch screen, you actually get feedback through the screen as if you had touched a physical button instead of an area of a touch screen.  Very nice touch.

The Cadillac XTS looks good in person.  There is lots of room —  I had plenty of leg room in the front or the back at 6’2″.  It looks very good in person.

The trunk is cavernous, with plenty of room for luggage, groceries for a month, or small countries.

The only nit I could see to pick at is the rear brake calipers.  The front brake calipers are beautiful and artistic and say Cadillac by Brembo.  The rear brake calipers are this sort of rough finished clamshell.

I expected rear Brembo clipers as found on my STS-V. I did note that other models of non-V Cadillacs also have this sort of plain rear caliper. So not an XTS exclusive fault.


The Cadillac XTS looks like a very good Cadillac to me.   It is the perfect car for people who want a full size yet economical, high-tech luxury car.

I would like to thank Crest Cadillac for letting me know the Cadillac XTS had arrived, and hosting my photoshoot.  Crest Cadillac is a sponsor here on

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