Roadtrip — Pics Under the Trees

Had a good trip over to Arkansas Saturday and back this morning.  Good weather and a great drive each way.

Shots of my 2008 STS-V under the trees in Arkansas.  Needs a thorough cleaning but I always like photos with greenery nearby and the trees overhead reflecting in the paint. Click on the thumbnails to start slide-show mode.

My Dad’s Lincoln Towncar and Ford Pickup have cameos.


Cadillac Roadtrip images from SC to Texas #Motorama

Here are the images from the road trip back from Carolina to Texas, along with some of the final cleanup late Monday.

Click on the thumbnails for larger versions.  These are images I tweeted along during the trip, or have not been shown.  Several gas stop pics because that is when I have time to take pics and tweet.  All images are from the iphone.

I also saw a rare Roush Mustang RS3 but didn’t think to get a picture.  The Audi S6 we drove along with for a while.  Saw a Mercury Marauder but just in passing.

The Cadillac is an excellent road car, and the trip went well.  We made good time and stayed just ahead of the rain / weather the entire trip.

Cadillac Premium w/o Ethanol #motorama

Most gas these days has 10% ethanol included. The ethanol mix works fine in modern cars, and that is 10% less gas to source.


But will I instantly pull over in my Cadillac if a shop advertises ‘straight’, pure gas?


Why yes, yes I will.

This station also charged a premium for the ethanol-free juice, but I considered it a pay to play treat.

Due to the high traffic and stops on our tour today no mpg comparison to report, but I like getting the pure stuff for a change –then back to the E10 the rest of the trip.

Would you pay extra for straight gas with no ethanol added if it were available locally?