Cadillac Premium w/o Ethanol #motorama

Most gas these days has 10% ethanol included. The ethanol mix works fine in modern cars, and that is 10% less gas to source.


But will I instantly pull over in my Cadillac if a shop advertises ‘straight’, pure gas?


Why yes, yes I will.

This station also charged a premium for the ethanol-free juice, but I considered it a pay to play treat.

Due to the high traffic and stops on our tour today no mpg comparison to report, but I like getting the pure stuff for a change –then back to the E10 the rest of the trip.

Would you pay extra for straight gas with no ethanol added if it were available locally?

2 thoughts on “Cadillac Premium w/o Ethanol #motorama

  1. I’d pay a premium for straight gas, but it would have to be top tier.

    I’ve been using Chevron Premium in the Cruze’s 1.4T and the results have been amazing. I’m consistently hitting 30mpg with almost all of my driving being on Custer/Spring Creek/Preston.

    According to my DIC, my average speed is 28mph, 2-4mph faster than I ever achieved in my STS along that route.

    The Cruze is rated at 26mpg city.

  2. Nice results. I agree and prefer top tier fuel but was so surprised to see the no ethanol signs I pulled right in to try some.

    Are you loving the Cruze then?

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