Cadillac Power? Yes Please #Motorama #GMChat


What makes a perfect engine for a Cadillac? Some may have forgotten, but Cadillac has a legacy of producing powerful and fast automobiles — that is why they became a favorite with Gangsters.

One school of thought is Cadillac engines should be

  • Cadillac only or exclusive
  • Minimal noise / vibration / harshness
  • Maximum power
  • Prefer V8 or more cylinders
  • Another school of thought is Cadillac should just stick to the latest LSX V8, which assures after market speed parts and support.

    Some buyers no longer want big engines / V8s because they are perceived (regardless of EPA rating) as less economic.

    A prime example is the current debate between the new LT1 6.2L V8 at 450 hp vs the new LF3 3.6L TTV6 at 420 hp. The V8 is more powerful, the V6 is likely to be smoother and more refined. They may share similar gas mileage in similar weight cars.

    I feel Cadillac should offer the most advanced engines available to Cadillac at the time — which will usually also mean the most powerful and economic. I like the use of turbo and supercharged small, high tech engines if they bring the power needed. I also would like the LT1 V8 in a Cadillac, and consider it an advanced engine as well. I prefer non-exclusive engines because they offer more speed parts and tuning options.

    What engine do you want in your next Cadillac?

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