Cadillac with Air — Black and Decker Air Station #motorama


Pre-roadtrip air pressure check and correction is important for fuel economy, safety, and higher speeds. My weapon of choice is the Black & Decker Air Station.

The Air Station has two features I especially like:

  1. dual power — runs off car accessory plug or a/c outlet
  2. air pressure stop / limit auto-switch

The dial on the air pressure gauge allows one to select max desired pressure. Then the pump will continue until max pressure is reached, and shut off. For cars, this makes setting all 4 tires to the same pressure, or both tires on one end to same pressure, simple.

The unit is light, but has a good capacity and works fast enough. I keep it in the spare tire compartment under the trunk, since the STS-V doesn’t use a spare.

The unit has an air pressure gauge but I use a hand gauge to check. It has met my needs and I recommend it to others.

Model I have is the ASI300:

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