How to Measure Supercars: Cadillac V-Series

Supercar is a frequently mis-used term.


My daily driver Cadillac STS-V has 469+ hp, carries enough luggage for a cross-country family trip, and corners like a racetrack tuned sports sedan. Last evening we piled in 5 adults for dinner and a show — no sweat. Poise, power, control, performance, and the luxury of room for people & gear; that is what makes for an ideal Grand Touring car.

Luxury performance means the principle compromise is the purchase price.


Cadillacs are among the few production cars that have to be de-tuned for racing, to give the other brands a chance.

The best supercars are the ones discerning drivers can enjoy every day — knowing the Cadillac can run all day on the track if needed.

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