Give a Limb for 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood? @limbsforlife

Limbs for Life is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fully functional prosthetic care for individuals who cannot otherwise afford it and raising awareness of the challenges facing amputees.  One of the ways they raise money is to raffle off desirable automobiles; this month they are raffling off a 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood:

1958 Cadillac Fleetwood

Win This Raffle Prize

This raffle is for a fully restored 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood with the following features:
– 70,400 miles
– Hard top
– Bench Seats (Leather)
– Power Steering
– Power Brakes
– Power Windows
– Air Conditioning
Click here for more info on the Limbs for Life Raffle: Raffle LINK
The winner will be drawn on Feb 26, 2011.
The 1958 Fleetwood had the cast iron 365 cubic inch V8.  Only 12,900 of the 58M-60 were sold in 1958.  The vehicle has a 133″ wheelbase, and stretches to just over 225″ long.
Wikipedia notes:
1958 saw extensive design changes, even though the cars were entirely revamped for ’57. Horsepower from the 365 cu in (5.98 L) engine was now at 310 hp (230 kW). Sparkling “studs” decorated the wide new grille, while the rubber-tipped bumper guards were moved further out towards the edges of the car – leaving a lower, wider look. Four headlights, a style that appeared on last year’s Eldorado Brougham, were adopted for all Cadillacs, including the $6,117 Sixty Special. Full fender skirts practically hid the rear wheels from sight, and the massive ribbed stainless steel trim occupied the lower half of the rear fender. Small vent windows were added to Sixty Special’s rear doors, and newly available power door locks were optional. Sales for the 4,930 pound (shipping weight) car slid to 12,900 units – nearly half of last year’s production.
I hope this classic Cadillac goes to someone who will appreciate and enjoy it. 12th Anniversary Make-Over

CaddyInfo dates from Feb, 1998 when I first started some web pages about my 1992 Cadillac STS, and opened a free forum on the old beseen network to discuss.

To celebrate our upcoming 12th anniversary the Forum, Cadillac Conversations Blog, and Website are in the midst of a major make-over.  The Forum is up on new software, a new Server, and has a new professionally done skin to match the new functionality improvements.  The themes here on the Blog and on the Website have been updated to match, so that all three look to have been cut from one cloth (at least that is the intent).

Please visit the CaddyInfo Cadillac Discussion Forum and let me know you like the new look and operation (also constructive inputs welcome of course if you see things that can be improved!).

During February, 2010 we will be having Contests and Give-Aways to celebrate, so stay tuned.

Hopefully next we’ll celebrate our “V-16” in 4 years!

Of course for good measure our normally all up all the time Host/Server are bouncing this morning.  Stand by, we’ll return you to your normal CaddyInfo Goodness after this short [whatever it is they are doing to the host] break.

Cadillac Hats, Caddyinfo Hats, Model needed

Peggy Sue Brister of is heading to pick up her new Cadillac CTS next weekend.  I sent her along the black or dark navy Cadillac wreath & crest hats I had picked up on ebay recently, since this is her first Cadillac.

Peggy Brister

Peggy's Twitter pic

Hopefully she will share a photoessay of her Cadillac buying experience, good or bad, and I will be able to share it with  you.  My buying experiences have been pretty good, except that it took a few hours each time.  I think this could be cut short if you plan to pay cash, and know your back-office choices ahead of time, but perhaps not.    That might be a good article or discussion in and of itself– what are the best hints for a smooth automobile purchase?  Any ideas?

Cadillac hats

Cadillac Ebay hats

So if you are keeping score, one of the red ones went to my Wife, and the black one to Peggy.

Meanwhile I saw that another set of 4 hats was reposted on Ebay, so they are on the way here for contests or other prizes.  It is becoming obvious that I have a hat “issue”.  But I can stop any time, honest.  I only get them for social reasons, like contests or get-togethers.  It is not an addiction. Really.  Not.  But if you have some Cadillac hats you need to sell — oh wait, never mind.

Our new hats from  look great:

Caddyinfo Hats, Old (left) & New (right)

Caddyinfo Hats, Old (left) & New (right)

Except that my picture above is not a great picture.

I need a really nifty picture of the new Caddyinfo Hat on a model. So if you are photogenic, or know someone who is photogenic, and enjoy Cadillacs and Caddyinfo, hit reply below and let me know.

There could be a free hat in it for you in exchange for a picture of you wearing it that I can use to show our Readers how good the hat looks in use.