Cadillac Hats, Caddyinfo Hats, Model needed

Peggy Sue Brister of is heading to pick up her new Cadillac CTS next weekend.  I sent her along the black or dark navy Cadillac wreath & crest hats I had picked up on ebay recently, since this is her first Cadillac.

Peggy Brister

Peggy's Twitter pic

Hopefully she will share a photoessay of her Cadillac buying experience, good or bad, and I will be able to share it with  you.  My buying experiences have been pretty good, except that it took a few hours each time.  I think this could be cut short if you plan to pay cash, and know your back-office choices ahead of time, but perhaps not.    That might be a good article or discussion in and of itself– what are the best hints for a smooth automobile purchase?  Any ideas?

Cadillac hats

Cadillac Ebay hats

So if you are keeping score, one of the red ones went to my Wife, and the black one to Peggy.

Meanwhile I saw that another set of 4 hats was reposted on Ebay, so they are on the way here for contests or other prizes.  It is becoming obvious that I have a hat “issue”.  But I can stop any time, honest.  I only get them for social reasons, like contests or get-togethers.  It is not an addiction. Really.  Not.  But if you have some Cadillac hats you need to sell — oh wait, never mind.

Our new hats from  look great:

Caddyinfo Hats, Old (left) & New (right)

Caddyinfo Hats, Old (left) & New (right)

Except that my picture above is not a great picture.

I need a really nifty picture of the new Caddyinfo Hat on a model. So if you are photogenic, or know someone who is photogenic, and enjoy Cadillacs and Caddyinfo, hit reply below and let me know.

There could be a free hat in it for you in exchange for a picture of you wearing it that I can use to show our Readers how good the hat looks in use.

2 thoughts on “Cadillac Hats, Caddyinfo Hats, Model needed

  1. I am interested in how you feel on the ride home from the dealer and if you begin ‘just going out for rides’. Good Luck with the CTS Peggy.

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