12th Anniversary Make-Over

CaddyInfo dates from Feb, 1998 when I first started some web pages about my 1992 Cadillac STS, and opened a free forum on the old beseen network to discuss.

To celebrate our upcoming 12th anniversary the Forum, Cadillac Conversations Blog, and Website are in the midst of a major make-over.  The Forum is up on new software, a new Server, and has a new professionally done skin to match the new functionality improvements.  The themes here on the Blog and on the Website have been updated to match, so that all three look to have been cut from one cloth (at least that is the intent).

Please visit the CaddyInfo Cadillac Discussion Forum and let me know you like the new look and operation (also constructive inputs welcome of course if you see things that can be improved!).

During February, 2010 we will be having Contests and Give-Aways to celebrate, so stay tuned.

Hopefully next we’ll celebrate our “V-16” in 4 years!

Of course for good measure our normally all up all the time Host/Server are bouncing this morning.  Stand by, we’ll return you to your normal CaddyInfo Goodness after this short [whatever it is they are doing to the host] break.

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