Adding Style to the new CaddyInfo Forum

One of the special features of our new CaddyInfo Cadillac Forum re-styling is that each Reader can pick their own header and footer imagery while reading the forum.
The animation gif below shows the forum sequencing through the 3 choices (unfortunately backwards from 3 to 1 but you can get the idea).

Only the header image is show for brevity; check out the CaddyInfo Cadillac Forum for the live version.

By selecting from Style 1 or Style 2 or newly added Style 3, the Reader can select from 3 sets of Header/Footer image combinations. All of them are Cadillacs of course, as this is CaddyInfo after all.

  • Style 1 has the XTS at the top and CTS Sport Wagon at the bottom.
  • Style 2 has a CTS at the top and Escalade at the bottom.
  • Style 3 has a 2003 DTS top and bottom a CTS-VR 1st Gen Racing Car at the bottom.

I added Style 3 today, and hope to have one or two more styles available so we have something that suits most any of our Readers.

I would also like to thank Sweetie of for the unsolicited suggestion to rename this blog to “Cadillac Conversations”.

Also a big thanks for the rapid development of the new CaddyInfo Forum Skin by:

2ipb: by =the-danzor on deviantART

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