New eBook: Cadillac CTS: New Generation of Innovation

Covering the Cadillac CTS year by year from 2002 through 2011, the new eBook Cadillac CTS: New Generation of Innovation is now available via  If you would like to see more eBooks like this one, please purchase one!

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US$15.  Format:  Adobe PDF file; 188 pages, 100 images, 14MB.

Here is an image shot of the table of contents:

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Cadillac CTS: New Generation of Innovation Caddyinfo Cadillac eBook

I have completed a new Cadillac eBook that I have tentatively titled Cadillac CTS: New Generation of Innovation.

This Caddyinfo Cadillac eBook details the Cadillac CTS family from the release at the Pebble Beach Concours in 2002 for 2003 production, through to the current 2010 models including the CTS Sport Wagon.  It contains year by year details, specifications, and powertrain supporting information.  So far the CTS eBook is 177 pages in length, in PDF format.  It needs a bit more editing, then I plan to release it to selected Caddyinfo Supporting Members for comment.  Later in the week I hope to release it for public distribution.

2003 Cadillac CTS HVAC System.

I love having this sort of reference work, so I hope that you will too.  While researching info for the book I discovered features of the Cadillac CTS that I didn’t know, and I’ve been driving them for six years.  I continue to feel that the more facts that people know about the engineering and design that goes into modern Cadillacs the more popular and appreciated these luxury performance cars will be.

Envisioning Cadillac eBooks

I took my recent summary XLR article and sketched it out as an eBook.  An eBook is a downloadable book (electronic book).   Besides the Blog here, and the Forums, and the website, Caddyinfo Cadillac eBooks I believe will offer another information format that may be useful to our community.

2009 Cadillac XLR

First, eBooks can be very portable, so they are easy to grab and read on a plane, or other (gasp!) internet poor location.  Second, I find that I am willing to be more thorough on a topic in an eBook.  For a Blog entry I have in mind a certain length that is a good read — which I usually / often break.   An eBook can by its nature be longer and use more pages to cover the subject.  So as in the case with the XLR blog entry, after I set it up as an eBook I found a lot more to be said on the subject; so far it is 16 pages of info, and perhaps will wrap up at 25-30 pages.  My intuition is that 30-50 pages is about right.

My thinking is that these eBooks would be free to Supporters, and perhaps $10-15 each for anyone else.   Each Caddyinfo eBook would be designed to cover a specific Cadillac-related subject in depth.  I think they will be a niche product, but focused on Cadillac information for automobile enthusiasts.

For the first one I setup the eBook in OpenOffice Writer, then exported it as an Adobe PDF file.  I am happy with that process for control, and ease of use both for setup / layout and production.  I will explore other mobile book formats as we go to see what we need to support.

If you have any eBook advice please feel free to share.