Cadillac CTS: New Generation of Innovation Caddyinfo Cadillac eBook

I have completed a new Cadillac eBook that I have tentatively titled Cadillac CTS: New Generation of Innovation.

This Caddyinfo Cadillac eBook details the Cadillac CTS family from the release at the Pebble Beach Concours in 2002 for 2003 production, through to the current 2010 models including the CTS Sport Wagon.  It contains year by year details, specifications, and powertrain supporting information.  So far the CTS eBook is 177 pages in length, in PDF format.  It needs a bit more editing, then I plan to release it to selected Caddyinfo Supporting Members for comment.  Later in the week I hope to release it for public distribution.

2003 Cadillac CTS HVAC System.

I love having this sort of reference work, so I hope that you will too.  While researching info for the book I discovered features of the Cadillac CTS that I didn’t know, and I’ve been driving them for six years.  I continue to feel that the more facts that people know about the engineering and design that goes into modern Cadillacs the more popular and appreciated these luxury performance cars will be.

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