Cadillac XTS brochure – Options in luxury

“Cadillac XTS, options in luxury.”  That would be my title for the new Cadillac XTS brochure.  I love the art and flourish of a good car brochure.  In the brochure is where you get to hear from Design and Marketing.  You get the unadulterated vision of what the car was meant to be, why it was made, and how you can best enjoy it.

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Cadillac XTS Believe you can

Cadillac has the new 2013 Cadillac XTS brochure available on the XTS site.  You can download it here.

RED-BLOODED. DARING. ORIGINAL. These are the kinds of luxury vehicles we build. It takes tenacity, a refusal to leave well enough alone. That is the difference between good and great. That is the difference between just making luxury vehicles, and making Cadillacs. The New Standard of the World.

This is the art of automotive writing.

Cadillac XTS wheel choices

The brochure also gives useful details about the new Cadillac XTS of course — the difference between the Luxury model, and the Premium collection.  What the new wheels actually look like in each size.

Cadillac XTS Wheel choices

Cadillac XTS brochure: Wheel Choices

As well as the aspirational — here is the info on the Platinum Collection, which is the all-out optioned up Cadillac XTS:

We don’t play games when it comes to luxury.

Unless, of course, it’s leapfrog.

The XTS Platinum Collection takes all the innovation, design and especially the luxury of the XTS to an even higher level. Leather envelops the instrument panel and floor console, and even flows onto the door. Opus full-leather seats are not only exceptionally supple, but so meticulously detailed that even the inside edges of their cooling perforations reveal a subtle hint of contrasting color.  The Lineate wood is exclusive to Platinum, and so richly grained, it takes on extra dimension. While overhead, a microfiber-sueded headliner surrounds an UltraView sunroof that opens to the heavens above.

Cadillac XTS brochure – Options in luxury

We don’t get enough artistic, descriptive writing in our 140 character communications these days.  While I am a fan of simplicity, the finest bloom can be wonderfully detailed without losing its core simplicity.  Automobile brochures attempt to capture the spirit and vision of the automobile.  I enjoy that.


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