Meziere 55 gpm intercooler pump?

Meziere 55 gpm intercooler pump sounds even more pumped up than the Jabsco 29 gpm pump.  Torq has a kit for the Camaro ZL1 with the pump mounted to a bracket and ready to bolt in for that app.  They have been doing test and just announced the kit on Camaro5.

Meziere 55 gpm pump

Meziere 55 gpm pump with bracket and wiring

After getting my Jabsco pump experiment together I appreciate that Torq is offering a complete ready to install kit for the ZL1.

The Meziere 55 gpm intercooler pump would be a remote mounted 12v pump like the Meziere Enterprises WP365S.

Meziere 55 gpm intercooler pump

Meziere WP365S

I have emailed Meziere to ask for a pump performance curve, not having found one on their website.  The pump performance curve shows measured output of the pump at various system resistance points.  Considering the curve versus the system resistance curve would let us estimate how the pump would flow in an actual intercooler system.

Assuming that the Meziere 55 gpm intercooler pump has a higher shutoff pressure than the Jabsco pump, and a similar pump curve, it should have higher flow.  Lots too many ifs until we can get a pump performance curve, but if I had to guess I would say that it might do 8-9 gpm in a system.  So with my 2 heat exchanger system, and an inline tank, the OEM 8 gpm pump does 3.5 gpm, the Jabsco 29 gpm pump does 4.5 gpm, and the Meziere 55 gpm intercooler pump might do 8-9 gpm.

Keep in mind that as the flow goes up, the pressure goes up more.  These are centrifugal pumps, so as the pressure goes up they have less flow.  By comparing the system curve and the pump curves we can predict the spot where the pump will work, once we have the pump curve.  I’ll update if Meziere shares that spec.

Summary — Meziere 55 gpm intercooler pump

Torq, in concert with Meziere, is offering an intercooler pump upgrade ready-to-install kit for the Camaro ZL1.   In their bench tests the kit was advantageous.   The kit could be modified to work with the Cadillac STS-V or CTS-V.  I have not tested the Meziere 55 gpm intercooler pump to determine exactly how it would flow in our systems.  This is a more expensive pump, although I have not seen a price quote from Torq yet.

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3 thoughts on “Meziere 55 gpm intercooler pump?

  1. Meziere makes great stuff. We use their water pump in the drag car and their new, billet flex plate. If they make it you can essentially take the quality to the bank.

    The flow is so high you may have to slow it down a touch, via a restrictor, to allow it to cool correctly – we had to do this on the race car: that is how fast the ting pumps.

  2. Thanks for sharing your results. Are you using as a water pump for the engine? Or as an intercooler pump?
    The thermodynamics suggest flow can’t be too fast, but I suspect there are other factors that impact in real world tests which drive the advice on speed of flow. This is why I prefer to test everything.

  3. Water pump on a 1000+hp drag car.

    If we run the pump with no restriction into the four core,C&R radiator it flows so fast that the radiator does not get a chance to do it’s job; this is how much this pump flows.

    By using a 1 inch restriction plate in the thermostat housing it slows enough to allow the radiator to work and we have no heating problems at all.

    I am curious as to the effect of this, a restrictor, on an intercooler as it would seem that the intercooler, would have precious little time to cool correctly.

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