Breakfast, Cadillac CTS-V pickup on Saturday, and He’s off

I met Jim this morning for breakfast at The Egg & I.  We had a nice visit and a good repast.

We arrived at Boardwalk Porsche in good time and the car was ready to roll, tags on and keys in hand.  Jim pulled it out into the sun for photos.

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Next we took a quick confirmation test drive — all systems go.

There was a minor issue from the pre-purchase inspection at Crest Cadillac that one or more plastic push-pin rivets was missing from the underside air deflector.  I brought a few with me and pushed one back into the only place we found open.  I gave Jim some extras.

Jim and I paraded up the road to his hotel where he plans to pack-up, checkout, and put the navigation system on New Jersey and head East.

Hopefully we’ll get updates along the way as he progresses.  I asked him to remember to mention which state he is in if we need to send bail.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast, Cadillac CTS-V pickup on Saturday, and He’s off

  1. It looks like you guys had a great time. This was a very nice thing you did Bruce, having met you and seen your character I am not surprised. Congrats Jim have a safe enjoyable trip home!

  2. I had fun. Even though Jim was getting a newer V, the weekend still made me appreciate my V more. It is fun to meet people from the CaddyInfo forum in person — we already have things in common!

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