Win a Cadillac hat for coming up with a Contest Idea to Give away a Cadillac Hat!

I just purchased four Cadillac hats for give-aways; they are not here yet, but let’s figure out how to start giving them away!

Cadillac Baseball Hat

Cadillac Baseball Hat

I would like to give the first one away to the person who comes up with the best idea for a Cadillac and related contest to give away a Cadillac Hat.  (Yes, we have more hats.)

Contest rules:

  • Ideas have to be submitted as a comment to this blog post
  • Winner will be selected based on best idea for a Caddyinfo Cadillac-related contest
  • Winner will receive an example of a Cadillac hat as shown (after they arrive here), mailed to an address they provide.  I will pay S&H.  Winner may choose as an alternate prize US$5 via paypal.
  • Contest will end in 7 days from today, on Wednesday, Oct 29 at Midnight US central time.
  • Submitters agree that any contest idea submitted may be used as a future contest, regardless of whether selected as a winner for this contest.

Please also consider entering our other hat-related contest here: Caddyinfo in 5 words or less

7 thoughts on “Win a Cadillac hat for coming up with a Contest Idea to Give away a Cadillac Hat!

  1. Okay, how about this:

    In the Harley Davidson World, every year there is a contest called “The ABC’s of Touring”.

    The idea is you get 1 point for every state you visit, with each letter. So, if you go to Michigan, don’t bother going to Mississippi, because you already have a state with the letter M.

    You also get 1 point for every city, village,town,township or municipality you visit. This is where the points really add up. So around here, you might visit Ashippin, Brookfield, Chenequa, Delafield, East Troy, Fort Atkinson, blah blah blah, all the way down to Watertown, Yorkville, and Zenda.

    Then you get 1 point for each county, parish, or district. Again, A thru Z, 1 point each.

    And there are more points for other things. The basic idea is that you take a photo in each place. The photo must show you (at least, x percent of the photos have to show you), your Cadillac, and a legitimate sign identifying where you are. And not exit signs on a highway. An actual sign. Or, a post office with the city is also acceptable. If you want the city and the county, you need a sign that says “Kenosha”, and you need to drive out to the county line where the “Kenosha County” sign is…

    Most points in a calendar year wins the hat.

    Submit all the photos, and an entry form, to someone designated as the authority, and their decision will be final.

    It’s a thought. And it generates a lotta cool Caddy photos.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I like the idea of a Cadillac photo contest. Submit a picture or two of your car and let people vote on the best picture.

  3. Can we submit more than one idea? lol

    My second idea is a contest for the best how-to article posted on the forums. Give a time limit of two months and let people post how-to tutorials with pictures. Let people vote on the tutorials they like the best, and whoever writes the most helpful well-written tutorial wins.

  4. Thank you to Lothos and to Patrick7997 for entering the Contest. I think all the ideas are good, so I’ve decided to send Cadillac Hats to both entrants. PM me the address to ship to on the forum please!


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