Adjustments for the Spectre Intake

After some discussion I have made the following adjustments to the intake install:

After install at the dyno with change notes added

Re-route hoses under the corner of lines:

New MAF clocking closer to 11:00 when viewed from passenger side:

Next headed out to do new temperature comparison runs.



I reclocked the bottom of the intake (changed the relative orientation of the pieces) to ensure clearance away from the fan shroud.

It would be handy if the parts had indicators that showed the correct relationship.  I also had a great deal of trouble getting and keeping the circular gasket gasket in the hole.

HP Tuners Dashboard monitoring IAT1 during cruise

My initial results looks promising in that IAT1 during cruise now goes near ambient as expected.  After I reset the battery the Scanned Ambient went to 32F, slowing coming up to 52F by the end of test 2.  I assume it has a delaying function since generally ambient temperatures don’t change very quickly.

Cadillac Video HPTuners Dashboard playback showing IAT2 trends

Here is a short video capture of an HPTuners VCM Scanner output of a test run to monitor intake air temperatures through the MAF (IAT1) versus after the intercooler (IAT2) or ambient.

The source video was over 1080 pixels but Youtube offers it for viewing in up to 1080p so please select the highest resolution your playback can handle and hit the fullscreen gadget for the video then pop back and comment.

I am still synthesizing the data.  It appears to me that as the STS-V accelerates the IAT2 temp rises from 131F to 151F the slowly drops down again.

There is some Knock retard coming in at high RPM.  The V will also pull timing at higher IAT2 temps.

Let me know what you think about the run data and this method of reviewing it.

Spectre Intake: boxes on the doorstep

Boxes arrived with the Spectre Performance intake system for the Cadillac STS-V LC3 4.4L Supercharged V8 today (Monday).   Sorry for the camera phone pics, but grabbed the snap while bringing my Wife home and running back to my next appointment.

Spectre Performance Intake

Spectre Performance Intake

The system is offered in two parts, the ‘bottom’ end from MAF to filter (?) and the ‘top’ end from throttle body to MAF.  I ordered both parts, so two boxes from StreetSideAuto.

Friday is the dyno/install/dyno test day at True Street Motorsports in McKinney.