Cadillac – The New Standard

Cadillac has a new motto — Cadillac, The New Standard.  This of course is a historical reference to the Royal Automobile Club of England’s award to Cadillac of the Dewar Trophy in 1908 in recognition of Cadillac’s precision engineering.

As Wikipedia nicely summarizes:

In February 1908, three Model Ks from the 1907 Cadillac production were released from the stock of Frederick Stanley Bennett (UK agent for Cadillac automobiles) at the Heddon Street showroom in London (these were engines Nos. 23391, 24111 and 24118). The three cars, all registered in London under the numbers A2EO, A3EO and A4EO, were driven 25 miles to the Brooklands race track at Weybridge. There, the cars completed another 25 miles before being put under lock and key until Monday March 2, 1908 when they were released and disassembled completely. Their 721 component parts were scrambled in one heap. Eighty-nine parts requiring extreme accuracy were withdrawn from the heap, locked away at the Brooklands club house and replaced with new parts from the Mr. Bennett’s showroom stock. A mechanic – Mr. E.O. Young – reassembled the cars with the help of his assistant – Mr. M.M. Gardner. Sometimes they had to work ankle-deep in water, using only wrenches and screwdrivers. The third car was re-assembled by Tuesday evening, March 10. By 2 p.m. on Friday March 13 the three cars had completed the mandatory 500-mile run with singular regularity. Only one point was lost owing to a broken cotter pin in the ignition lever (promptly replaced from stock). During the event, it was reported that one of the sheds where the parts were stored became partly flooded during a heavy storm and some parts became rusted. Only oily rags could be used to remove all traces of the immersion. On completion of the test, one of the cars was placed under lock and key where it remained until the start of the 2000-miles Reliability Trials, several months later. It came out the winner of the R.A.C. Trophy! Parts interchangeability could not have been demonstrated in any more convincing way.

It was after this proof that Cadillac took on the “Standard of the World” title, and well earned.

The new campaign appears to be re-introducing people to the fact that Cadillac is once again making world class vehicles by a variety of approaches.

A US released video, Race and Tow, shows an Escalade racing a Mercedes C300.  A Cadillac Arabia video shows a V-Series Coupe in the form of a tornado.

There is also a new Cadillac website, New Standards.   “We’re putting next generation technology into this generation of vehicles” — I think that is a strong statement.  It is the right goal for Cadillac, and conveys to Buyers what they can expect from the marque.

More Unsolicited Cadillac Commercials: “The Valet”

This is the second in my continuing series of unsolicited commercial ideas for new Cadillac commercials.  This one is titled, “The Valet”:

[Setting:  Two young women, Yw1 and Yw2, each twenty-ish, are waiting with a number of people to retrieve Yw2’s car from a valet stand outside a posh restaurant.  A Blues Club is next door. Two men are talking near the curb to the side, Driver2, late 20s, an Entrepreneur, dressed in a suit, and Musician1, a musician.  WifeofDriver2, late-20s,  is standing just behind Yw1 and Yw2, chatting with another couple. The Valet staff includes HeadValet, at a Valet stand, and Valet1, Valet2, Valet3.   Driver1 is a Mid-30s successful business woman and Mother.]

[As commercial opens, focus on Yw1 and Yw2.]

Yw1:  “I mean, my Mom drove a Cadillac, and loved it, but my Grandfather drove a Cadillac for goodness sake!  I want a luxury car for OUR generation.”

[Driver1 pulls up to the Valet parking in 2010 SRX.  Valet1 runs over and opens the driver door while Driver1 exits the SRX.  Valet 2 and Valet3 stop and turn to look at the car and at Driver1]

Driver1: “Thank you”

[Driver1 hands the keys of the SRX to Valet1]

Valet1:  “Sweet car.  Is this the new SRX with the 2.8L Turbo V6?  On  the new custom Cadillac platform?”

Driver1: [smiles]  “Yes, I decided to treat myself.”

Valet1:  “Good choice!” as he jumps into the SRX and carefully pulls away

Headvalet nods to Driver1 as she enters the restaurant.

[Valet1 drives SRX to park; Valet2 still standing to watch the SRX go by.  Quick focus on Valet2 who looks down at the key he is holding, a BMW key, and waits to watch the SRX go by to be parked; then on Valet3 as he realizes he is holding a Cadillac key and runs off to retrieve it from the parked cars]

[cut; time gap as car pulls over][Valet3 pulls up in a 2010 Cadillac CTS-V.  ]

Driver2 shakes hands with Musician1, and walks over toward the people waiting for the Valets to retrieve their cars.  Valet3 is out of the CTS-V, and is now holding the door open on the passenger side.   Yw1 and Yw2 are both staring, mesmerized at Driver2.

Headvalet to Driver2:  “Sir, your Cadillac…”

Driver2 –holding his hand out toward the people waiting for their cars — says “Darling, are you ready?”

Yw1 and Yw2, each mistakenly believing Driver2 is talking to them, both reply “Yes.”

WifeofDriver2, stepping past Yw1 and Yw2,  smiles at them then laughs with Driver2 as she gives him a quick peck on the cheek, then climbs into the CTS-V.  Driver2 shrugs at Yw1 and Yw2, then walks around and enters the CTS-V also.

[cue music, roll titles; Welcome to the Next Generation of Innovation — Cadillac]