Quick Spray & Wipe Vacation Cadillac Wash

A vacation is like a car show, except your car is the only gearhead entry.

We are in South Carolina visiting from Texas. My Cadillac naturally arrived covered with 1,180 miles of road grime, bugs, dust, and dirt. One might simply head to the nearest car wash on arrival, then touch up. I wanted to try the DIY Spray Detailer on this full car problem including grimey wheels.


The wheels in the STS-V get pretty dirty, but are luckily fairly easy to clean.

Today I used the DIY Spray Detailer and microfiber towels, as with the rest of the car. The main difference is I used more detailer as a rinse, I did the wheels last so no grime went back to the rest of the car, and I used the dirtiest towels.

I took this photo midjob so one car see the clean and dirty sections of wheel. All in all, spray on, wipe off.

After shots




All in all I am happy with the result. The iphone hides imperfections but the V looks clean in person as well. Bringing along a bottle of spray detailer and a bag of microfiber towels seems an easy vacation addition.

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